Great Jobs You Can Do While Studying

Do you want to make some extra cash or add some important skills to your résumé before graduating? Getting a job while studying can help you achieve this and may turn out to be a valuable experience. Some students may be put off the idea of working while studying as they fear it may eat into their study time resulting in weaker academic results. We are pleased to tell you that with the following jobs you can earn valuable skills and money without jeopardizing your academic career.



  1. Dog walking

Dog walking as a job comes with many advantages. You can choose your hours, you can set your rates, you get to spend time with some adorable animals and you get exercise. What could be more ideal? However, you may be wondering what skills you will get from walking dogs. Well, as you are effectively running your own business, you will gain skills in management, finance, organization and negotiation, amongst others. If you like this idea, why not put up some notices advertising your services in the local grocery stores and on community notice boards.

  1. Customer service

Customer service experience is invaluable. The communication and problem-solving skills you acquire will be impressive to future employers. Customer service is an essential element of so many businesses so you should not find it difficult to secure a role. Variety stores are often looking for staff so you may want to look into jobs with Dollar General or at your local supermarket. Hospitality roles with restaurants and bars are also easy to get, and you should be able to find a part-time or weekend position to fit in with your academic commitments.



  1. Data entry

If you manage to get a data entry job, you will be able to add skills in computing, english and maths to you résumé. You will also be able to show you have an attention to detail and that you can work accurately and quickly. Data entry jobs tend to be highly repetitive, but they can be well paid and companies often offer incentives for projects completed quickly.



  1. Tutoring

You may like the idea of helping younger students with their work by providing tutoring. This is a good use of all that knowledge you have acquired while studying. Many universities organize a tutoring service which you may be able to get involved in. Otherwise, you can organize tutoring sessions yourself and set your own hourly rates. You will gain excellent communication and problem-solving skills through this job. You will also learn to work in a creative and imaginative fashion while you construct your lesson plans.

So, having a job while studying is entirely possible, and it can be a worthwhile thing to do. By getting a job, you will be able to boost your CV with all the extra skills and experience you will acquire. You will also get an insight into what to expect after graduating and you will begin to understand which jobs match your expertise and talents, and which don’t.

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