The Best Careers to go into After University

If you are a recent university graduate, you will want to be thinking about what you are going to do for a career now your studies are over. University can be an enjoyable time. Perhaps it might even be the best time of your life. But now you have graduated, or at least you are on the cusp of graduation. It is time to get out of student mode and into the real world. You need to change your view of the world and start looking at things from an employment perspective.

When you leave university, you will most likely want to get a job related to your degree in some way. But this is not always possible. You may even find that the kind of career that interests you doesn’t necessarily relate to your degree. But that your degree has given you the skills necessary to decide on the career you want.

You may even be in a position where you have no idea of what you want to do for a career even after university. But you still need to decide what you want to do for a career. If you have no idea about what you want to do then it can be tricky to pick something. Here is some idea of the best kind of careers to go into after university.


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Working for yourself has grown in popularity over the years and will no doubt increase again. More and more people realise that they can become self-employed. Due to the influence of the internet nowadays people are finding it easier to start up their own business ventures.

You might decide that you want to create a business. You may decide that you want to go into e-commerce. Or maybe you’ll prefer to go the freelance avenue, showcasing your work and building up a client base. Whatever you decide to do there is no doubt that going self-employed is an attractive option. To many people there is nothing better than setting your own hours and not having to answer to anybody.

But it is not all perks. Running your own business can be difficult. It is a lot of work and stress. You may find that it will cost you an awful lot of money to begin with, and it can be quite a daunting prospect. Consider the implications before you decide to go self-employed.


Another great area to look for a career in as a postgraduate is in the field of nursing. Nurses are always needed as there are always sick people. But the profession is understaffed. You should have no problems finding opportunities to become a nurse, but it will need a lot of training.

You may need to start off as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to get an idea of what the profession is like. You should look into the full details of a CNA job description before you think about applying. This way you will know the kind of thing you can expect from the nursing sector. And it will give you a better idea about whether you do want to become a nurse.


IT is a great career to go into. As a society, we are so reliant on technology that it is almost impossible for us to exist without it. As technology and computers develop further, they are beginning to seep into every corner of the world. Our personal lives revolve around IT and technology. Businesses run on complex IT networks.

For these reasons jobs in IT are constantly available. New ones are cropping up every year and as developments in IT grow so do the job opportunities available.

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