Unusual Jobs to Consider Training For

Not everybody wants a bog standard office job. Some people want a job that will fill their days with excitement; where they get paid for doing something fun or unusual. These jobs probably aren’t as hard to come by as you think. I bet there are loads you didn’t even know existed! Take a look at these unusual jobs that you could consider training for:

Pet Food Tester

You might think this sounds disgusting, and that dog food isn’t for human consumption. However, somebody has to taste it to make sure it’s fit for your dog! If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why would you expect your dog to? There are people who test treats, bones, and even liver mixture. One pet food tester admitted to spitting it out after tasting though, with a glass of water to hand.


Creating chewing gum is a tricky business, so gumologists help companies to perfect their gum. You wouldn’t believe the thought and technology that goes into creating just one piece of chewing gum. The different flavors, for instance, must go together nicely. Some days it’s all about chewing the gum, and other days it’s about blowing bubbles.

Waterslide Tester

Why wouldn’t you hop out of bed at the start of the week if the first thing you had to do was slide down a waterslide? You may get to spend your day at some huge waterparks, sliding around all day long and ensuring they are up to standard. It would feel like a permanent vacation! However, that doesn’t mean the job should be taken less seriously. You’d need to make note of the height, speed, and landing of the ride as well as any other important safety aspects.



IMAX Screen Cleaner

The IMAX screens are absolutely huge, so as you can imagine, they’re covered in all kinds of dust and other rubbish. Some people throw their candy and drinks at the screen, while others actually send spit wads soaring in its direction. Gross. However, most of the time it’s just a thick layer of dust. With the size of the screen, you’d have to empty your vacuum cleaner multiple times as you clean it.

Odor Tester

Want to sniff people’s armpits for a living? Odor testers ensure that deodorants are as efficient as possible by making subjects take part in a series of activities while wearing them. Then they start sniffing their pits. This stops a company from putting below par products on the shelves. Many of the odor testers are women, as companies insist that women are better at making distinctions in scent. The testers are also examined each month to make sure they are accurate!

Shoe Wrinkle Chaser

Women just love buying and wearing new shoes, but have you ever wondered how they appear so smooth straight out of the box? Probably not. You have a wrinkle chaser to thank for it! They use a special type of iron to go over the shoe and ensure that it couldn’t get any smoother before putting it in a box ready to be sent off.

Theme Park Sick Cleaner

We’ve all been there at one time or another when riding roller coasters. We’re enjoying ourselves, then all of a sudden a wave of nausea takes over. People are sick all the time at theme parks, so they have specialist employees ready to mop it all up. Many of the sick cleaners explain that they love roller coasters so much that mopping up the sick is worth it for a free ride.


This can be seen as a morbid job that some people would like to avoid, but somebody must do it. They prepare bodies for burial or cremation, and also complete important paperwork as well as liaising with the family. You’ll need a degree to get a job like this. If you want a mortuary science degree, you should check this page.

Gross Stunt Tester

You’ve probably watched a show such as Survivor and Fear Factor at least once. They make the contestants eat and do all kinds of crazy things. How do they know it’s safe beforehand? By getting somebody else to do it of course! These people ensure a stunt is safe yet gross at the same time.

Professional Sleeper

Do you hate parting with your comfy bed in the morning? Perhaps you could become a professional sleeper. These people are paid to lay in a comfy bed all day long and have a nap or two. The purpose is to aid sleep research projects. These projects help doctors to find out what goes on when a person has a sleep disorder!

Potato Chip Inspector

You didn’t think those chips went into the bag without being inspected first did you? A chip inspector would try to find overcooked chips to remove from the bag, as well as any chips that have stuck together. Chips that are stuck can ruin a whole bag, so they need to go. You might not want to eat chips anymore after starting this career, so make sure you’re ok with that. Either that, or you’ll just want to inspect each one you eat!



Chocolate Taster

If you love chocolate, why not make a living as a chocolate taster? You’ll need to look out for nice looking chocolates that smell and taste great. All of your senses must be used so you can really evaluate the chocolate. As an entry level taster, you could earn between $30,000 and $60,000! Some lucky senior chocolate tasters earn salaries that hit the 6 figure mark.

Body Part Model

Do you have a body part that looks particularly good in pictures? Do people comment on it, or pay attention to it regularly? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Perhaps you could be a body part model. You could model your feet, hands, legs, bum…the list goes on. If you’ve got a great body part that photographs well, you could earn a great living from it.

Will you train for one of these unusual job roles? Let us know in the comments!

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