“Think BIG” by Dr h. c. Harald Seiz – Using Your Degree as an Entrepreneur

You do not need a degree to become an entrepreneur, but you can use your ability to learn, and even your specific field of study, to help you develop an entrepreneurial career. One of the most important skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur is the ability to gain in depth knowledge in your chosen field.

Learning is central to this and, as a college graduate, you will have well-developed learning skills. As Dr h. c. Harald Seiz discusses in his book  Think BIG – How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea, you need to put these learning skills to use gaining as much knowledge as possible about your chosen entrepreneurial field.

Why knowledge is so important

There was a time when people could have a wide range of good knowledge, across several different fields. This is no longer easy to achieve. The advance of technology, and the creation of the Internet mean that the amount of minute detail that surrounds every subject has grown. As Dr. Seiz says,

“To know everything and everyone well, to have a grasp of all subject matters, has become impossible in the complex world in which we live, today.”

The skill of being an entrepreneur is not to know everything, but to know as much as possible about the field in which you want to make a difference. The skills you put to use when gaining your degree can be very useful in making this happen. You need to focus and take in the knowledge and experience that has gone before you, in order to bring something new to the party. People need to respect you as an authority and having knowledge behind you is one of the best ways to make this happen.

The skill of bringing knowledge into the open

Knowledge is only the start though. As Dr. Seiz says in “Think BIG”

“…expertise is not enough. What good is knowledge and experience if one is not able to share it, if no one knows about it?”

Many people have ideas that could benefit the world and themselves, but they do not have the self-confidence to bring them out into the open. An idea that remains hidden is not going to lead to a successful career as an entrepreneur. People need to know what you have to offer. You need to be able to engage people and get them on board with your enterprise.

Dr. Seiz has not been successful in every enterprise he has started but he has always been able to bring his ideas to people, and get them on board. This has helped him to get to where he is today; a successful entrepreneur and author who wants to show you how you can take the skills you used to gain your degree and use them to forge a successful career as an entreprenuer. It’s not an easy path to take. There will be highs and lows, but it’s exciting and the rewards can be great.


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