5 Hot Tips For Planning the Best Prom Night

Celebrating the end of school is a right of passage, it deserves to be done correctly. Make sure you do it in style and enjoy your night with these five top tips for planning the best prom ever.


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  1. Road Trip

There is nothing worse than turning up to prom and seeing someone else in the same dress as you. Use dress hunting as an excuse to road trip with your girlfriends. Head for a big town a few hours away and hunt for some original dresses in shops you know you don’t have at home. That way you are way more likely to be the only girl at the party in the hot pink dress. It also gives you a good excuse to spend the day bonding with your besties.

  1. Plan Ahead

If you are looking for a limo service, it pays to do your research. If you live in a small town, the local companies will likely put their prices up for prom, so look at companies out of town. It is also important to book your limo way in advance, don’t expect to get the car you want (or any car for that matter) the week before prom. Everyone else will get there before you and you’ll end up driving yourself – or carpooling with your mum.

  1. Bag a Date

Going to prom with your girlfriends can be fun, but there’s something special about having a date knock on the door and pick you up. Don’t say yes to the first boy who asks you to go to prom. Hold out for the cute guy you’ve been dreaming about all year. Guys are shy, and if you wait for him to ask you, it might never happen, so pluck up the courage and make the first move. Just check he hasn’t already got a date (or a girlfriend) first.


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  1. Budget

Between the dress, the car, hair and makeup, prom can be very expensive. Start saving your allowance or wages way ahead of time and be smart with your money. Your biggest expense is likely to be your dress. While you won’t want to skimp on it, there’s no reason to pay full price either. Have a look in the January sales or on eBay and try to bag yourself a bargain. You don’t need a hairdresser to do your hair or a stylist for makeup. Practice with online tutorials and enlist the help of your friends in coming up with the perfect style.

  1. Be Stylish

No one wants to feel like the frumpiest girl at the party. Keep an eye on the latest prom trends and ask your friends for their opinions on your outfit. If you are buying your dress way in advance, choose a classic style that looks great on you. Even if vibrant tones are in, don’t pick a dress in a bold tone. Go for something more neutral and accessorize it with an on-trend clutch or heels. Remember, true style is understated and timeless.


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