Successful celebrity graduates: The top five

What is the link between each of the individuals found on the following list? They each have a successful and perhaps surprising degree!

Some of Britain’s most famous stars are highly educated as well as talented – let’s take a look at them.

  1. Rowan Atkinson

Known best for his comedy character Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson is not someone you would traditionally associate with higher education. Yet Atkinson actually holds an undergraduate degree from Newcastle University and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Oxford University – definitely something to be proud of.

  1. Harry Hill

Another comedy superstar, Harry Hill is best known for his slapstick humour and big collars. Hard to imagine that he could dish our prescriptions and diagnose ailments then! Hill actually attended the University of London where he studied Neurosurgery and remains a Registered Medical Practitioner on the General Medical Council.

  1. Jeremy Kyle

While Jeremy Kyle is now famous for helping the British public work through their problems with his unique brand of advice on his talk show, he too is a graduate. Attending the University of Surrey, Kyle picked up a degree in History and Sociology before moving on to adopt the role of modern-day agony aunt.

  1. Hugh Grant

A British heartthrob known for adopting the odd bad-boy acting role, Hugh Grant is another celebrity who has a strong grounding in education. Grant attended the prestigious University of Oxford, studying English Literature. Perhaps the characters he plays aren’t so far detached from reality after all…

  1. Russell Howard

Ending the list is another comedian – Russell Howard. Best known for his lively stand-up and successful stints at presenting his own weekly comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News, Howard actually has a very business-orientated mind. He studied Economics at the University of West London in Bristol, attaining his degree before turning his attention to comedy.

Why study like the celebs?

While obtaining a degree may not be a fast-track route to fame, it can be beneficial in many other ways. By obtaining a relevant degree in a discipline you’re interested in, you could go on to land a well-paid job with a high-profile title.

Like these celebs, you too could go on to make something of yourself by studying for a degree – but it’s important to choose the right one. After an undergraduate degree, your next choice will be to enter the world of work or continue studying for a Masters degree.

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