Prepare yourself for a brighter career while you’re in college – Few expert tips

As per a research study done by IBM in 2017, they had set out to uncover things that went wrong with the higher education. Along with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed several leaders of the academic industry from public and private colleges, vocational programs, universities, and corporations all over the globe.

They’ve found out that in terms of economic value, just 52% of the academic industry leaders believe that higher education offers value for money and 50% of them take it in a manner which contributes to competitiveness and economic growth. So, if you’re studying in a college in Chennai and you want to prepare yourself for grabbing a good job in chennai, here are the few things that you can do.

  • Seek benefits of learning based on experiences

It’s time for textbooks to take a backseat because now is the time when you have to focus on the real-world experiences like apprenticeships and internships. This is where you can practice the skills which you’ve always heard of in the classroom. Choose the professors and courses which offer ‘flip’ teaching because this is where the students can learn and absorb basic content apart from class and finish up all their homework and problems. You will be able to work with well-known and revered metrics and work hard on acquisition of skills.

  • Join hands with prospective employers

You can also develop relationships with the corporate recruiters during the tenure of your university. Ask about the prospective job opportunities and on-site shadowing and try to enquire about their input on their courses as this can be helpful in acquiring an entry-level role in their companies. Try and understand their requirements and obtain the right set of skills so that you can properly address your needs.

  • Incorporate within yourself business acumen

We can’t deny the fact that the business world is getting more fluid where everyone has to understand the aspect of a company. Technology is just one part of delivering any service and hence, the fresh graduation pass-outs require having a broader orientation. Also watch out for IT exposure like security, commerce, integration, and analytics.

  • Start acquiring global knowledge

There are many industries which have been transformed through globalization and even though you wish to work in an Indian or American company, you will need global competence. Due to security issues, global knowledge is something that is more important than ever. The IT professionals should constantly keep updating themselves on the things that are taking place all around the world and look for the new ways in which the company can be vulnerable. As a college student, you have to keep improving your global competence by discussing things with professors, fellow students, and mentors.

Once you take all the above listed steps, you can work towards shaping your career since the time you’re a college student. It is vital for all college students to mend their ways towards their careers in such a way that they don’t have to wait too long for grabbing a good job.

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