You Need To Manage Tech Debt Just Like Your Financial Debt

Managing tech debt is very important and necessary just like you financial debt so that none reaches to the ceiling and make your life and existence miserable. It is true that you would have no one calling for collections or no one knocking at your door asking for the repayment of the money borrowed by you. It is also true that you would not get any monthly statement of bills or any reminders for the repayment and no lender is waiting out there to repossess your assets for non-payment of the loan. It is all your responsibility to repay whatever debt you have, financial or technical.

Financial Debt

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Hard To Maintain

Isn’t it hard to maintain all the expenses and requirements of your family when you have to pay a considerable chunk of your income to the lenders as repayment for your debt? It is the same for technical debt as well which also makes the life of your business hard and you have to manage and find ways to arrange for the repayment of tech debt. If there are too many dependencies in the class structure to other classes, then it becomes difficult to maintain. During making any change, therefore, it is required to understand any effect that would have on other associated class dependencies.

Architecture Of The Software

The architecture of the software and knowledge about the code itself can help you a lot in making such changes, which is repaying for the technical debt incurred. The complexity should be discussed with the team of developers as it is very easy to draw an elegant design on the whiteboard, but it is very difficult to implement it in reality as a lot of complexities are involved with it. All such complexities should be avoided as they are the enemy of any extensible and maintainable code base. Haven’t you found the same when you chalked out a plan to repay your credit card debts?

Avoiding The Debt

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Architectures Get Brittle

It was easy to prepare the budget for papers with all the extra costs curtailed, but implementing it in practice was really difficult. You tend to give up and try to find out easy ways out like taking a consolidated loan to repay all the debts back or file for bankruptcy. In codes too, the architecture gets brittle and become unable to keep up with the need of the situation. Remember, that in all phases of life the degree of subjectivities in all cases cannot be avoided easily and therefore, it is required to build some common viewpoints in such cases.

Avoiding The Debt

Avoiding debt is very easy but hard. In your real life, you have to wait for the right time to make a purchase and always stick to your affordability which you can only do by living a simple life. Similarly, designing a simple code would enable you to avoid tech debt. You can click here to know more about code design. Use granular services to satisfy one requirement at a time just like in your life take one wish at a time which is small as well.

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