Xbox vs Playstation (and PC)!

Xbox vs Playstation
People have always been debating on what console was actually better, PS, or Xbox. In reality, this is all but only opinions, as I am actually comfortable with the Playstation. Also, if you are really going to believe that I am going to say that the Playstation is better, but actually the PC is better than both of them combined. No PC master race, but it is mainly because it REALLY is better in many ways. This article will explain why.
The power of a PC is been said to be more powerful than the Xbox and Playstation combined! Did you know that the PS4 costs about 500$, but the thing is that you could build a PC with that amount of money. As a person that never built a computer, I have witnessed the power of one. You can’t legally modify a Xbox 1, or a PS4 for reasons. And yet, the computer’s power can be so strong that it could last for 5 years, and that is a pretty long time!
This one is one of those good reasons why people actually pick the PC. When you finish a vanilla version of the game, don’t you get bored and want to do more interesting things? When the game is out for a period of time on the PC, mods start to occur. This puts real icing on the cake, where mods can increase from a few items to a whole new game! Some mods are only there to make the textures better, to be even more fun, and the possibilities are endless!
Game Choices
And lastly, the game choices. Did you always want to play a old game that you never once completed? Don’t worry, because you can actually still play that game! The game could be on a PS2, but you can’t play it on your PS3/4, can you? There may be remakes, but they are more likely not going to remake every game. So, the PC can also allow you to play these games with no problems! I have noticed there has been many games getting a bit boring with their franchises, where the early games were more fun. However, one flaw is that there is a chance some games aren’t there, with most of them being exclusives
More facts are that you can use a Xbox controller, Playstation controller, and depending on the game, a old controller! But really, the answer for the best type of console is none. PC may have huge benefits, so does Playstation and XBox, but the only things that we have to prove are opinions. PC has flaws, Playstation has flaws, and XBox has flaws. Is there a reason why people can’t accept that? Now, we are having long arguments about which is better, it is all about how you enjoy the console. That is all that matters.

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