WWE Immortals for Android Review

The World Wrestling Federation’s popularity seems to come and go in waves.  One decade they are popular but then they do something that seems cool only to screw it up later, through implementation of said action.  One instance is the buyout of competitor World Championship Wrestling in the early 2000’s.  At first it seemed like a great idea but then fans, such as myself, had to sit through the “invasion” angle where things fell apart.  The next decade plus the WWE has not been all the popular with the diehard fans (though they continue to sell out HUGE arenas that other wrestling companies simply cannot afford to even rent).  That brings me to their game offerings.  For the most part, the WWE and wrestling in general has not been something that is available on mobile devices such as Android or iOS.  WWE Immortals is not doing anything to change that view either.  Using the Unreal powered engine that powered Injustice: Gods Among Us, Immortals is basically a reskin of the comics based version.  The question is, is that a bad thing?

Personally, I say no it is not a bad thing.  Immortals is nearly the exact same game but with different characters and moves that are implemented in the exact same way as Injustice.  For me, I was not that big a fan of Injustice, I have not followed comics since the period in which Wolverine lost his Adamantium skeleton coating to Magneto (yeah, it has been awhile).  This lack of knowledge as to who was what (such as “Red Sun Superman” what the hell?) in the game left me scratching my head more than I was enjoying the game.

With WWE Immortals though, it is a little easier for me to understand.  I have a decent understanding, read as I am not a HUGE current WWE fan, of who is who and I see enough recognizable faces to be able to enjoy the festivities.  There is a good mix of classic stars (Trish Stratus was one of my first characters) with current wrestlers.  Across two devices (neither game supports cross device play) I have started with three other characters, Paige (the common one), Bre Bella and Kane.

The moves are interesting and off the wall, as you would expect in this type of game.  Everything is huge, not just Big Show size either- I do have a problem with the size of Daniel Bryan though, is nowhere near the size of Kane in real life.

Now to the fun stuff.  Everyone has basically left their television persona behind.  We are now dealing with Trish Stratus who is a white which, Sheamus is a Nordic Viking badass and Paige is a dark witch of sorts.  Big Show is well, a classic looking giant.

Personally I have enjoyed playing Immortals for the time I have put into it.  I only uninstalled it on my phone due to memory constraints- the game is a memory hog, even after moving what you can to the external SD card.  For the price, it is worth it and maybe even a few bucks here and there for some of the booster card packs.


WWE Immortals by Warner Brothers International Platform: Android (reviewed) and iOS Genre: Touch based fighting Rated: High Maturity on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes In App Purchases: Yes Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

Photo captured by Carl Williams using a Galaxy S4 Android phone.

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