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Zujava alternativeAnother content site is closing its doors. Zujava announced today that as of July 1, it will be no more. In a long blog post, it shared the reasons why it would be closing. Reading forums around the internet, writers don’t seem that surprised but are looking for a Zujava alternative.

Writedge is a great option for those looking for an alternative to Zujava. While you can only publish unique content, now is a great time to get your content off the other site. It won’t take long for articles to deindex from Google—and you can speed that up by using the deindex tool—and then you can publish on Writedge.

How Much Does Writedge Pay?

Yes, I know you want to know this. At the moment, the pay is $1.5 per 1000 unique views. I know it doesn’t sound like much at the moment, but that is ongoing and the income will go up as the site earns more money. The site owners have already promised that; and they keep their promises.

You can also earn through your own affiliate links, making it a great Zujava alternative since it lost its Amazon Affiliate account. You get to keep 100% of the commissions you make on affiliate links. Amazon, Commission Junction and ClickBank are preferred, but there are many other trusted affiliate programs out there that you can use. Zazzle is one of the more popular ones for artistic needs.

Why Writedge as Your Zujava Alternative?

There are so many other sites, so what makes Writedge so popular? After all, what about HubPages, Wizzley and the others?

The first is that the minimum word count is 400 words. While others have that minimum word count, they thrive on much longer articles. I’ve not made much from the other two without writing at least 800 words. With Writedge, I’ve earned more and stick to 400-600 words depending on the topic.

Another benefit is the $5 minimum payout. That’s the same payout that Zujava offered. Most other sites have a $25-$50 minimum.

As already mentioned, you can use your own affiliate links. Most other sites have a strict limit on the type of links you can include.

What Are the Owners Like?

I know many people will want to know about the Writedge owners. I’ve read a lot about Zujava owners and the lack of communication. That isn’t a problem with Writedge. The owners ask for opinions and listen to writers—they’re writers, too, and know how important we are for the site.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with the owners. The editors are also friendly, and will help you create great posts that are likely to make you more money, while sticking to the content guidelines.

You need to remove your content from Zujava, and you might as well post it somewhere that will make you money. Writedge is a great Zujava alternative to consider for your work. I’ve been here a year now and have no plans to move on.

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