Working from Home the Smart Way

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No one enjoys the rat race. You probably envision being able to work at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

Working from home allows a person to fulfill life’s many commitments. Though it is a comfortable arrangement, it comes with pitfalls. The key to its success lies in effective management.

The concept has undeniable benefits. These advantages explain why stay-at-home workers are drawn to it.

It allows you to decide your own work hours. You can control many aspects of your environment, in particular noise level, lighting and temperature. This keeps a person happy and productive.

A home-based office allows greater proximity to your family. It gives you some flexibility to deal with its needs. This translates to less stress, greater productivity, health and a better work-life balance.

The benefits aside, a home-based job is not the bed of roses that you may think it is.

For a start, it may isolate you. You will not have the benefit of interacting with colleagues. Home-based work will cut you off from the knowledge and resources that are available to them.

Working from home opens you to a host of distractions.  Family members will believe that you have a more flexible schedule, and will task you with domestic responsibilities. This will make it hard for you to separate home from work.

Work will seem endless if you have a home-based office. You may face the pressure of having to prove that you can reap financial and emotional rewards from this lifestyle. Hence, you may work beyond normal office hours.

There also is a need for self-discipline. With no superior looking over your shoulder, you will manage your own time. You will have to develop effective routines and  put them to good use.

To work successfully from home, you will need to find ways to maximize your effectiveness.  Enthusiastic people who work from home have chimed in with wise advice.

One of their useful suggestions is to build tasks lists that you will need to complete daily. Try not to use fixed schedules, because these change. Instead, make up your mind to complete everything on your list.

Another of their tips is to use cloud storage, available via services such as ICloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Cloud storage allows you to use any device, without worrying about having your files with you.

The next piece of advice is to get dressed. Though lounging around in comfortable home wear is tempting, proper work gear will heighten your sense of professionalism. It will remind you that you are actually working.

Minimize distractions as far as possible. Do not spend long hours talking to relatives, and discourage your friends from coming over to visit while you are working. Maintain regular “office hours.”  This allows you to focus fully on your work.

Home-based professionals advocate investing in a comfortable office. Set aside office space in your home. You may even want to invest in leather sofas and built-in bookshelves. Properly used space makes you inclined to stay working.

A few useful suggestions will make working from home work for you.

Image Attribution: Unsplash via Pixabay 





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