Working From Home With a Baby: When Should I Be Working?

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I’m a work-at-home and a stay-at-home mom. I’m the primary caretaker for my son. I have more patience with my son than my husband does and he’s a mommy’s body. My husband tries to help. But, when a boy wants his mommy it’s sometimes just easier to give him his mommy.

I could probably write a whole additional article on how to deal with a husband in this situation. It’s easier for my husband to bring our son to me because he doesn’t understand his cries. Or my son just prefers me. Who knows really? But, you do have to get your spouse to learn to care for your child at least for a few hours. My husband will tell me every excuse in the book:

  • He won’t eat for me.
  • He’s crying because he wants you.
  • I can’t get him to stop crying.

You have to sit your husband/spouse down and ask them what they intend to do if you are not there for one reason or another. It is convenient for you to be there and the easy way out. But, if they cannot figure out how to handle the situation while you are there, how are they going to be able to do it without you?

I’ve found that what works best for myself and my husband is for me to work when my son is sleeping and when he is napping. Because he is a mommy’s boy… Working when he is awake only works about 30 percent of the time. Most of the time when he is awake, he wants his mommy! He wants me to play with him, talk to him, love on him, or just give him attention. Which is fine, but you cannot write articles with a one year old playing the “pick me up and put me down” game.

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Our computers II (Photo credit: aranarth)

I try to get a good solid 4-5 hours of work in when my son is asleep. If I can go over that great, but I can get a lot of work done when he’s sleeping. Right now, my husband and I do not really sleep at the same time. But, he’ll watch our son for a few hours so I can get solid sleep and then I work when they both sleep. It might not be the best situation, but it works for us.

At the very least, the best thing you can do is cut back on the amount of sleep you are trying to get each night. You are an adult. You might like getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep, but your body does not need it. I’m good with 2-3 hour naps scattered throughout the day. I also can just get a solid block of 4-6 hours of sleep and I’m fine. I realize, everyone is not me. But… Sometimes you have to choose between taking a nap while your little one is napping or working while he is napping. Working instead of napping just means more money.

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