Working From Home Tips: Getting On With Work When You Really Don’t Want To

working from home tipsHands up those of you who have had to do work when your mind is in a completely different place. Whether you work from home or you’re employed by someone else, chances are you’ve had that feeling at some point in your life.

There’s nothing wrong with getting it. You get it for all sorts of reasons. And sometimes, you really need to listen to your body. The problem is it’s not always possible, especially when you’re working from home running your own business. You need to push yourself through the feeling, and just get on with stuff.

I get that feeling now and then. It could be because I’m not feeling 100% or because I’ve struggled with sleep. Today it’s because it’s the first day back after a week break.

Getting back into the mind frame to work isn’t always easy. Here are my work from home tips to make it easier, even when everything is screaming at you not to bother.

Make a List of All Work You Need to Do

Your to-do list is your best friend. It will tell you just how much work you need to get through for the day. This is one of my working from home tips even when I’m having good days, because I need to know just how much work I have—how many clients I’m working for and what type of work I need to do. Knowing it just helps me get into a mindset for each client and then find an order to do the tasks in.

When you really don’t want to work, it’s worth making a note of all the tasks that have to be done that day—the ones that you really can’t put off. Mark these in red so they stand out. Then mark down the ones that you’d prefer to get through but can be put off for the next day. Then mark out the ones that don’t have an immediate deadline that can be put off until you feel better.

Once you know the tasks you need to get through, you know a rough timescale on the workload that you have for the day. And you get to cross off tasks as you do them!

Take Regular Breaks

Having breaks is important for your body. It’s another one of my working from home tips that I use whenever I’m working; not just when I’m struggling. If I’m having great days, I can find taking a five minute break each hour is perfect but when I’m having bad days I need a five minute break every half an hour.

Find a work-break timeframe that works for you. Use a timer, whether on your computer or a physical egg timer, and stick to those timeframes you’re setting. Being strict with yourself is an important part of this. No procrastination is allowed during the working time; that’s what your breaks are for.

Create a Time Log

It’s something I only started doing a couple of years ago, but has turned out to be really useful. A time log allows you to assess just how much time you’re spending on projects and can even help you determine whether you need to charge more for your work if it takes longer than you expected. Time is money when you have your own work from home business.

A time log is also a great way to keep you working when you really don’t want to. You know that a project should only take X amount of time, and you’re less likely to procrastinate because you’re on the clock. You could even find that you get through work quicker because of it. Of course, don’t let the quality drop.

Give Yourself Sometime Fun to Do

During the day, you need something to look forward to. Today, my something is a personal project I’ve been working on that I haven’t been able to do for a while, and I have a book that I’m over half-way through and really want to continue. Having those there push me to get through work sooner, so I’m less likely to procrastinate later.

Giving yourself something fun to do afterwards will really help to motivate you. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s fun for you. It could be a craft projects, a personal writing project or even a video game that you want to play. Having it to look forward to will make you want to get through your workload.

I know it can be difficult when you don’t want to work, but when you work from home you need to get on with things. My four working from home tips have really helped me over the years and now I’m almost through my workload for the day. Hopefully they help you, too!

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