Work at Home Moms Need to Work Unbillable Hours

Work at Home Moms Need to Work Unbillable HoursUnbilliable hours are a must for work at home moms. These are hours that you spend helping your business, but you can’t charge other people for. They include things like doing the paperwork or marketing your business. For many moms, they try to spend as little time doing work for nothing as possible. However, to start with, it could really pay off to do more. Here’s why you should consider it.

Marketing Spreads the Word

People aren’t going to know about your business if you don’t spread the word. You need to get out there and market, whether you do it online or in person. There are a few options available, and all will take up your precious time; turning them into unbillable hours.

One thing you can do is get your family involved. When I’m out leafleting for my business, I will get my daughter to help out. We get to spend time together and she enjoys feeling like she is being helpful.

You Need to Do Your Taxes

There’s no ifs or buts about it. Your tax paperwork has to be filed, and that will count as unbillable hours. You will need to spend time going through all your accounts and your books, checking the money you had come in and the money you spent.

You could minimize this time by hiring an accountant. This is highly beneficial, and recommended by many work at home moms. However, it will depend on the amount you earn. You may not have enough when you first start out.

Customer Service Is Effective

There’s no replacement for good customer service. This won’t bring you in money while you’re doing it, but can do later. But it’s still class as unbillable hours for work at home moms.

Good customer service will mean the difference between getting a new customer and potentially losing hundreds of dollars. That one customer could have multiple friends looking to hire you, but if they say you’re bad, you lose them!

Spend some time answer questions and concerns. Cover complaints and show that you’re interested in making people happy.

Your unbillable hours really are a necessity. All work at home moms have to do them, whether it’s marketing their business or filing their tax paperwork. You can minimize them through outsourcing and hiring professionals, but you can’t get rid of all of them in one go. It’s important to find ways to streamline them to keep them to a minimum.

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