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In general, there are more health complications to a woman than a man.  Right from puberty to maternity to gynec complication at later stages of lives, women continue to face health-related complications at all stages of their lives. We will discuss some of the predominant health issues that most of the women are facing:

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  • Cancer: The most common and deadly disease of the world strikes women mostly in their mid-40s. Breast cancer has become more common than ever. Nearly one million women die due to cancer every year. The major types are breast cancer and cervical cancer which amounts to 75% of the cancer deaths. Through advancement in treatment procedures and medicine, we are still battling cancer moving a step ahead every year. Most of the cancer deaths happen in low-income countries were proper facilities are not available.
  • Reproductive health: Sexual health issues is the second major threat next to cancer. The increasing unprotected sex and poor idea about contraceptives are the key factors. Developing countries are facing a lot of problem due to this. One-third of the women between the age group of 16 to 40 face issues in their reproductive health.
  • Maternal health: Maternity complications sometimes can put the life of an expectant mother at risk. Any gynecology hospitalis now equipped with advanced technology health monitoring devices to help women swiftly identify their problem. But again, the benefits do not extend to all countries
  • HIV: India has a country faced a lot of social health issues in controlling HIV.

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  • Tuberculosis: Living and working conditions, unavailability of nutritional food and pure drinking water, the spread of epidemics has lead to the widespread of TB in women.
  • Mental health: Anxiety, depression, somatic conditions are prone to women than men. Almost every women suffers from depression at one point of time in her lifetime.
  • Bone density disorder: As we grow our bone tend to get weaker over age. Most of the working women complain of back pain in their late 30s and further complications happen if left untreated. Knee weakness is next to hip pain which is troubling women. Most of the women are now getting into an active and vegan lifestyle which is benefiting them greatly. Hence it is recommended to keep the boots in handy for a quick morning walk.
  • Violence against women: Though not a direct health issue, domestic violence is a major factor which causes the life-threatening problem to women.
  • Non-communicable diseases: Low and mid-income countries sometimes have very strange practices and habits which eventually turns into deadly ends for most. Chewing tobacco, drinking, drugs and substances are some of them which caused most deaths.

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