Women and Osteoporosis


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Since women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis it is imperative that ladies take care of their health starting as early in your life as possible. Osteoporosis will not only make you hunched over and not be able to walk upright, but it can also make your bones weak so they will break easier.

A simple fall could cause you to break a hip. If you have osteoporosis in your family then it is even more important to take care starting right away to make sure that you will not find yourself with osteoporosis later in life.

Getting enough calcium even in the early years of your life, will help ensure you will be less likely to get osteoporosis when you age. Since 99% of your body’s calcium is located in your bones, it is imperative that you get enough calcium every day.

Understanding Osteoporosis

How To Reverse Osteoporosis Now!If other parts of your body require calcium, your bones expel it into the bloodstream. The calcium in your bones is what gives them the strength. Therefore, if you are not getting enough calcium, your bones will be weaker.

It has been found that many people as young as 11 years old start to decline their calcium intake. The reason for this is many people opt for other drinks besides milk, as they get older. If you do not like milk, there are many other ways to get your daily calcium.

You can get a good source of calcium from most dairy foods including yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, and other dairy foods. You can also get calcium from taking daily supplements. In order to ensure that calcium is absorbed into your body correctly, you need to take it with a vitamin D supplement.

You can also get enough vitamin D from spending at least 15 minutes a day in the sun. If you opt to get your vitamin D from spending time in the sun, make sure that you wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

Dietary Sources of Calcium

If you do not like milk, you can always use milk in a fruit smoothie each morning to increase your calcium. By making a milkshake with fruit and ice cubes in a blender, it makes it easier for some people to drink milk everyday.

Since many women do not get enough calcium in their daily diet, it may be necessary to take a supplement. The best supplements to take are capsules or liquid vitamins. Many vitamin pills are not absorbed into your body fully. Some vitamin pills do not dissolve before they are expelled from your body. You could lose up to 90 percent of the effectiveness of pills so capsules or liquid vitamins are preferred for best results.

There is no reason why you cannot stay strong and healthy into your 80s and 90s and beyond. Take care of your bones and they will take care of you.

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