Windows 10 Is Now Available for Asus T100 Transformerbook

Claiming Windows 10 for your Asus T100 is easy, and it’s free

Windows 10 Free download offer for Asus T100

Windows 10 Free download offer for Asus T100

Microsoft will officially release Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. This is the day when every laptop, tablet, ultrabook and Windows-supported device that runs genuine Windows 7 or higher will receive free upgrade to Windows 10. In this process, Microsoft has already started notifying customers who use Asus T100 Transformerbook to adjust the settings for downloading the OS.

How To Claim Your Free Windows 10 for Asus T100

Look for the clean white Windows button in your taskbar

Look for the clean white Windows button in your taskbar

Once you connect to the internet, an icon should be displayed on the bottom-left corner in the taskbar inside the desktop app. This is the Windows 10 button that opens an interactive wizard that will guide you to install Windows 10. This wizard scans your laptop for any compatibiliy issues, hardware issues, memory, and processor requirements to make sure your computer is 100% compatible for the upgrade.


Once the initial scan is complete and the wizard determines that your apps and hardwares are compatible for Windows 10, it will send you can e-mail confirmation. This e-mail is sent to the Microsoft account address you registered the T100 on. The e-mail looks like this:

The confirmation email sent on your Microsoft account

The confirmation email sent on your Microsoft account

Windows 10 Beta for Asus T100

Has anyone tried the Windows 10 free build versions given by Microsoft for testing? Microsoft has promised to provide all beta-testers and build users who have downloaded the build versions a free copy of Windows 10. Since Windows 10 already comes free for me and I don’t have another computer to test it out, I have not installed it. My Asus T100 is not that old and is currently the only tablet/laptop/computer I have, so I didn’t want to mess with installing an operating system that has not been approved to be fully compatible.

I have also been holding out on installing the beta version since Asus T100 users (including me) have complained so much about the touchscreen issues and various network connectivity issues. I will only install it on or after July 29, when it is released on mass scale.

New Features in Windows 10

Most notable features in Windows 10 are:

  • Start Menu – Yup, the classic Start Menu is back, but with style. It has been enlarged to fit all your favorite apps and pinned programs.
  • New browser- Ever since Microsoft dropped Internet Explorer, it has been working on a browser called Microsoft Edge.
  • Multi Screens: The Windows 10 will allow you to use and open up to 4 apps at one time. Talk about watching cute cat videos while you are trying to relax and get that spreadsheet completed.
  • Cortana: Cortaina is to Windows, what Siri is to iPhone. The help of a virtual assistant will be just few voices away.

All pictures are screenshots taken from my computer

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