Win The Heart Of Your Dear Husband With Homemade Banana Butterscotch Cake

It’s your husband’s birthday and it’s definitely a very special day in his life. As a loving and responsible wife, all you want is to make your husband feel really special and loved on this day. There’s a saying that there’s way to a man’s heart through the stomach and it’s actually true. He just relishes all the delicious dishes made by you. As you already know the fact that a birthday is simply incomplete without a delicious birthday cake. The grand celebration of a birthday party always calls for a cake cutting occasion. How about preparing a super delicious banana butterscotch cake at  your home for your dear hubby?

A well prepared banana and butterscotch cake is superb. It’s wonderfully moist and the best part of using banana in this cake is that bananas stop the wheat free cake from being too crumby. If you really want to compliment the banana in a super delicious manner, using brown sugar to bring out the typical caramel flavor could be a nice idea. Top up the cake with buttercream and butterscotch flavor and make it dusted with icing sugar with a tea cup. The best part of baking this particular cake is that you can make it with regular flour.

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Now it’s time you should know about the ingredients that you require for making this sumptuous cake-

For preparing the cake:

225 gm salted butter which is in room temperature

225 brown sugar

4 eggs

225g gluten-free self -raising flour

Buttermilk- 4tbsp

Small ripe bananas, mashed -3

Ingredients for preparing the butter cream-

150g salted and softened butter

Icing sugar -300gm

Vanilla extract-1tsp

Butterscotch sauce:

caster sugar -200g


Maldon salt-1 tsp

Fresh cream-130ml

Now it’s time to know about the proper baking method of this decadent delicacy for your husband’s birthday-

First that you need to do is pre-heat the oven to 160 degree and line a 9” round cake tin.

Now you should go for creaming the butter and brown sugar together until it gets completely lightens in color and then keep adding the eggs one by one and make sure each of the cake is fully incorporated before adding the next one.

Add the flour and make sure you are adding it bit by bit and once it is incorporated properly, you should fold it in your mashed bananas. A lot of people commit the mistake by over-mixing the batter but you should not do this as gluten free cake sink when they are over mixed. Once you are completely done, you should add 4 tablespoons of buttermilk and once it properly combined, you need to put it into the tin and cook it for 40-45 minutes. Continue the process until a skewer comes out completely cleaned.

While  you place the cake on the cooling rack to cool it down properly, use this time for making the topping. For making the butter-cream, beat the butter on high speed until you find it completely light and creamy. When you are adding the icing sugar in two parts, make sure you are adding it on low speed and beat it on high speed until you become white and fluffy.  Now add the vanilla.

Finally you need to make the butterscotch sauce! Pour the caster sugat in a heavy based saucepan and instead of stirring it, you need to swirl the pan on low heat. Now you might be wondering to know to know the reason behind swirling. The typical swirling process allows the sugar to get completely dissolved. Once the sugar is finally dissolved, you need to add the butter and let it melt completely. Now you need to take the pan out of the heat and allow it to babble for a minute and let it cool.

Once the cake and the toppings  are cooled completely, you can go for decorating it.

Now you might have realized that making this particular cake is not a very challenging at all. With proper patience and skills, you can easily make it in your home and make your husband feel extremely happy and elated.

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