Why You Should Choose Bail Bond Over Cash

Bail bond operators would normally tell you to use bail bond over cash bail for obvious reasons. But even if it sounds too self-serving, there’s really some truth to it. A bail bond company can really bail you out of trouble especially if you or someone close to your heart is confronted with an arrest.

If you are a law abiding citizen, you’d surely find things like an arrest or an impending court encounter a very daunting reality. The threat of living in a jail cell is more fearsome you would want to have someone smart enough to make you evade the cold bars of prison. You might even be willing to stash your money in exchange for freedom.

You can actually do it by posting bail in cash, but since there’s a better way to do it without compromising your money, you may just keep it for other important purposes in the future. Here are some good reasons why you should choose bail bond over cash to obtain temporary liberty:

1. Posting bail in cash increases the likelihood that court will use it for fines and court costs.

While fines and court costs are still imposed even if you use bail bond, experienced bail agents have observed that in many instances, fines and other costs tend to go higher if the court sees cash as bail. Posting cash can also play against you if you plan to pay fines and court costs by installment. A bail bond on the other hand cannot be used to pay fines and court costs.

2. Posting cash can disqualify you to get help from a court-appointed lawyer.

If the court sees that you lack the means to afford your own lawyer, it appoints a public defender to help you with your case. But if you post bail in cash, you are simply demonstrating that you have access to funds. Sad but true, the court won’t appoint a lawyer to help you out if it realizes you have money.

3. Cash bail is exposed to the risk of forfeiture.

Your cash bail can be forfeited in favor of the court if you fail to appear in a hearing even if it was due to a technical violation. You may already know that U.S. courts have this habit of changing departments when hearing a case. But even if you already know where to go for a scheduled hearing, the venue can still change when a case is reassigned, which usually happens. This can cause confusion and could lead you to the wrong department. The consequence: Your bail is forfeited for failure to appear at the hearing. Aside from your case, you will have another problem now – how to convince the court to cancel the forfeiture because you actually reported for the trial. But that’s not all for here’s another possible blow: You might be asked to hire another lawyer for this.

4. Posting cash bail defeats confidentiality of information.

When you post bail in cash, it becomes public information especially when the cash is posted. This can put you in a very embarrassing situation. To avoid this scenario, you should seek assistance from an experienced bail bond agent like the bail bonds Denver Colo specialist to post bail for your immediate release. Bail bond professionals are committed to uphold confidentiality in their dealings.

These are the most important reasons why you should choose bail bond over cash bail. It really has more advantages. Posting bail is a constitutional right, but what is more right is to abide by the law at all times.

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