Why Some People Are Opposed to Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage is a very controversial issue for many reasons. It can be religious, sociological or the result of inherent prejudices but there is no doubt that it pushes a lot of people’s buttons. Why are some people opposed to same sex marriage?

From a religious standpoint, the Judeo Christian tradition is that marriage is a union between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation. In order to procreate, there must be one man and one woman. The fact that many same sex couples do choose to have children both through adoption, surrogacy and artificial insemination has not changed the feeling of those who are opposed to same sex marriage on this point.

Those who object on religious grounds chooses to pinpoint certain sections of the bible that seem to find same sex relations punishable by death in God’s eyes. What the proponents seem to overlook is the fact that this is all in the Old Testament and that in the New Testament the message from Jesus is let the one who is sinless be the first to throw a stone.

Jesus had much more of a problem with hypocrites and those who did not care about their fellow man or woman. He was not about pointing a finger at anyone who was not following the rules.

There are those who like to blame the decline in the family on same sex marriage. They are quick to point to same sex marriage when the real culprit is divorce and lack of commitment in heterosexual relationships that are the main issues. Long before same sex marriage was even a possibility, the divorce rates in the United States had skyrocketed. The family as past generations have known it is changing and a study done in 2010 seems to reflect these changing thoughts about what a marriage is, is marriage necessary and what makes a family.

Another reason that is frequently mentioned in opposition to same sex marriage is that it opens a door to a completely different definition of what a marriage is. One fear seems to be that the next step might be plural marriages and marriages inter-species. These fears seem a bit far-fetched but they are mentioned time and time again so it would appear that they are a legitimate concern for some people.

Many people believe that every child needs to have a father and a mother and that having two mommies or two daddies is not healthy and will lead to children with gender confusion. A study done in Amsterdam in 2010 followed children in Lesbian households and found that not only were they as well adjusted as their counterparts from heterosexual household but when it came to self-esteem, they scored higher. This type of logic seems to forget how many homes there are that are single parent homes where one parent is not involved at all.

When it comes to prejudice, this is probably the hardest to overcome. Many people who are prejudiced against gay and lesbian same sex marriage would deny that it is prejudice that is fueling their opposition. It has become so ingrained that it is almost unconscious.

Many people just have a problem with the idea that people of the same sex not only date and have sex but want to get married. It is a little like knowing that your parents have sex, it is just something that is outside their comfort zone. As more and more same sex couples get married hopefully it will become more accepted. Same sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples to find happiness and to share the same rights and privileges of heterosexual couples including the right to get married and have a family is they so choose.

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