Why Proper Diet and Regular Exercise are not a Guarantee of a Healthy Spine

Many of us believe that if we eat the right foods and engage in regular exercise routines, we are perfectly healthy and there’s no need for us to see a health professional. Of course, health comes with physical fitness exercises and eating nutritious foods, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can always put us in a perfectly good shape.


Even if we don’t feel anything unusual with our bodies, we need to visit a health expert to ensure that all our systems work as we expect them to. Perfect physical health isn’t just about ensuring that your muscles are strong and flexible. It also involves making sure that your spine is not injured or damaged. You may not know it, but your spine plays an important part in the overall health of your nervous system.


The Spinal Column


By merely looking at the person, it is hard to tell if his/her nervous system is in good health. It is therefore important to have your spinal column checked to make sure that it has not sustained any damage or injury during any of your exercise or physical activities. Some spinal defects may not manifest any signs in its early stages, so it would be good to discover them so that they can be treated before they get worse. This is one of the reasons why chiropractic care is important even if you are eating healthy foods and doing exercises to stay fit. Exercise and proper nutrition can give you strength and energy, but they can’t protect your spine from sustaining any injury.


One of the core functions of chiropractic care is to ensure that your spine is well aligned. Even a slight misalignment of your vertebrae can cause interference in your nervous system. This can negatively affect the connection/communication between your brain and body. Your brain controls every organ of your entire system but if your spine is not in its normal alignment, this connection ca be reduced resulting in a less than healthy performance of your nervous system.


The misalignment of the spine is called subluxation. It typically happens when your spine is exposed to stress. There are three major factors that can cause stress to your vertebrae.




This is caused by injuries you might have sustained from slips, falls, accidents or even poor posture. Physical stress to the spine can start as early as you start to walk. A toddler trying to learn to walk can fall more than 30 times per day. As children grow older, they can fall many more times during play, learning to ride a bike and other physical activities. These can cause trauma to the spine. Many discomforts people suffer from as adults may have started during early childhood. A lot of these could have been detected and treated earlier with chiropractic care.




This type of spinal stress is caused by situations in which your body becomes overly tense for long periods. Tense situations can cause your body to create lots of stress responses such as low back pain, tight shoulder blades, headache, high blood pressure and fatigue.


Stressful situations can cause your spinal muscles to tighten. They also trigger the release of stress hormones. Emotional stress is very common in this day and age. Unfortunately, it can negatively affect your spine and your nervous system. Aside from avoiding stressful encounters, it is also good to have your spine checked by a competent chiropractor once in awhile and have its normal functions restored. The spinal decompression Denver fitness buffs prefer is one good way to ensure that your spine is in healthy and well-aligned.




This type of stress can be caused by toxins in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the overall environmental situation around us. Lots of modern day products are detrimental to our health and the environment. This puts our bodies under constant stress. Unfortunately, this is hard to control, but on a personal level, you have to do something to mitigate the effects of emotional stress in your body.


Eating well and doing physical exercises is a good way to be healthy. They help to strengthen your immune system but they cannot shield you from major spinal stress factors. So even if you’re feeling great, you should see to it that your spine is not blemished in any way. Let a good chiropractor assess your body and treat whatever symptoms you may have. This will ensure that your spine, which serves as the medium between your brain and everything in your body, is working 100%.


photo credit for featured image: Tom Knudsen (flickr.com)

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