Why Plagiarism Is Wrong


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You see someone setting up their own home business. Their products look amazing, and you see that they’re doing really well.

So, now you want to do something similar. No wait! You don’t want something similar—you want it the same. You want their success, their products and their customers. It runs the risk of plagiarizing their hard work.

No matter what industry you’re setting your business up in, no matter what your products or services are, plagiarism is WRONG!

I can’t state this enough. You may think that its flattery and helping you with success, but here are four reasons you need to avoid doing it right now.

It’s Illegal—You’re Breaching Copyright

That’s right, you’re breaching copyright laws by copying someone else. This includes using elements of someone’s work. Yes, there are a few loopholes, but it’s best just to stay clear.

Do you really want that other business owner coming at you with cease and desist letters? Do you really want them threatening lawsuits if you don’t pay thousands of dollars in damages? Of course not! Especially not when you’re setting up your business.

It’s best just to avoid it all together.

Customers Don’t Like It

You’ll find it harder to get customers when you plagiarize. Sure, you might get some at first, but that person you copied the products and services from will come back to bite you. When they find out, you’ll end up with them telling their customers—and they may tell yours—that you’re copying their work.

That makes you look bad. You look like you’ve stolen something for your own gain, which you’ve done essentially.

Your customers end up checking out the original work, which is sometimes better. They leave you for the original work, and you lose out on customers.

You’ll also get a bad name for copying, which means new customers will avoid you. Customers don’t like being part of plagiarism.

You Show You’re Not That Creative

Really, copying someone else’s work shows that you’re not that creative after all. Even if you have some of your own products laced in there, customers will believe someone else made them. They’ll view you as a lazy individual, just out to make a quick buck.

You may be highly creative, but you’re not showing it. The best way to do that is by showing off your own products or services. Write your own eBooks or share your own craft designs.

People Stop Trusting You

Customers, friends, potential investors…they all stop trusting you. If you’re going to steal someone else’s work, what else are you going to do? Will you steal from other businesses in the future? Maybe you’ll cheat your customers from their products.

Trust is extremely important in business. You need to show that you put your customers or clients first. Show that you want to create a relationship with people. Think about it; would you spend money on a business that you’re not too sure about? Of course not!

It takes time to build trust in business in the first place. Once you lose it, you’ll find it much harder to build it back up again.

So, it’s time to stop plagiarizing. It’s wrong on so many different levels. Create your own products or services, and start your business successfully.

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