Why People Use Body Art

When it comes to self expression, body art is one method that people are using.  Items such as body piercing or tattoos seem to be becoming more popular, especially among the younger crowd.  As a result, the stigma or misconceptions about people with this type of self expression are becoming less common than it used to be.  But these types of body adornment are not new; there is a lot of information in history about different cultures dressing up their body for various reasons.   

Body Piercing  

There is a good chance that you have seen someone with non-traditional body piercings.  These may be piercings through the chin, eyebrow or tongue.  While some of these are becoming more popular and less shocking, depending on the jewelry worn on through these areas, the piercing can be quite arresting and draw the eye.

If you actually look back in time, a mummified remain was discovered that had earrings, which dates back over 5,000 years.  There are document cases of nose piercings which were happening as early as 1500 BC.  Certain piercings can be attributed to certain geographic areas such as lip and tongue piercings which historically were found in American and African cultures.  Other piercings such as nipple and genital were practiced by a variety of cultures with evidence found in Ancient Rome of nipple piercing and Ancient India having references to genital piercing.

With all that said, the reason that people choose to go with body piercing now are not likely the same as in the past which were done for cultural reasons.  Now, people choose their piercing for religious, spiritual or self expression reasons.  Some piercings are done for aesthetic reasons or for sexual pleasure.   Some piercings are acceptable and can be worn at school and in the workplace provided they meet certain standards.   Of course, what they cannot see does not have to meet approval or standards.

Henna – Temporary Tattoos

Another style of body art is Henna tattoos or other similar type styles.  This involves using a dye, plant based in the case of henna, to dye the skin or other body parts such as hair or nails.  Henna also is used to dye fabrics such as silk, wool or leather.

Typically henna has been used for cosmetic purposes as evidenced by the methods of use.  These days, henna is mostly used for traditional purposes for a wedding when the bride is decorated with henna.  It is temporary and will wear off after a few weeks.  Depending on where a person is traveling, they may find people who can give then a henna tattoo as a temporary souvenir.

Tattoos – Permanent

Many people choose to get a permanent tattoo for a variety of reasons.  For some, it is due to something that they identify with or symbolizes something to them such as a bird or an animal.  Maybe it is the motto that they live by or something else important.  There are those that have something tattoo’d in honour of children that they have or children that they have lost.    Another common reason is due to honouring those events that happened in their lives such as military service or some other life altering event.  It may be a way to show their love of a sports team or something else in their life.

There are a lot of reasons that a person choose to get a tattoo.  One of the most important things to remember is that these are permanent, unless you want to pay for laser removal.

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