Why I closed my photo studio?

Deutsch: Burda Moden Fotostudio.

Deutsch: Burda Moden Fotostudio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Photography is my hobby and so, I wanted to make some money out of it. I opened a small photo studio. I equipped my studio with one colour printer, one monochrome laser printer and a laminating machine. As usual, I arranged back ground curtains and halogen lamps for taking photographs.   I was delighted to take photos and print it then and there itself, which attracted the people. I even broke the routine of using colour printer for printing only pass port, as I use to print even A4 size copies in that one. I also started using laser printer as a copier, even though I was not getting any profit in that process! Then the problems started.   1] Laser printer: Two students came at 10.30 Pm and wanted me to copy a 500 page notes. I agreed, but they then told that they wanted it for the next day at 8Am! I started taking copies and at 11.30 Pm, my back bone started taking in its own language! I stopped at that, but early next morning at 6.30 Am, I started and somehow completed it at 8Am. I suffered with back pain and was unable to go to my work. After that, I stopped taking bulk order. As I realized that the refilled cartridge started giving low quality prints and original cartridges was making me to incur losses.

IBM Aptiva 486 with a Samsung 4Ne monitor and ...

IBM Aptiva 486 with a Samsung 4Ne monitor and an Epson Stylus Color 480 printer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  2] Lamination machine: A girl came with a strange art. She has made it using colour ball pens. She wanted me to get it laminated. During the process of lamination, she told me that she was going to display it in an exhibition. But suddenly, power failed and my UPS was unable to support that machine. The machine stopped when the lamination was half way through. I was unable to pull it out, as it was locked in that position. The art work bunt out! By looking at tears in her eyes, with sorrow in my heart, I was only able to utter the famous English word ’sorry’. She controlled herself and said” uncle, I can redo it with difficulty, but what will you do if it happens to a marks card?” Then I remembered   all the marks cards that I had already laminated and thanked God! I almost stopped laminations, as it was very difficult to clean the plastic sheet and burnt art work, clinging to the rollers.   3] Colour printer: It was the only thing that was working successfully then. One night, some auto drivers came and forced me to print a fake Driving license. The wanted me to put one of the driver’s photo on another driver’s license and print! I refused but they started quarreling to an extent that one of the drivers wanted to hit me! But other drivers controlled him by saying” he is not the only man having colour printer, let us go to some other shop”. They vanished but my sad memory made me to think of closing down the studio.   Next day, I saw the preparation of opening a big photo studio, a few yards away from mine. So, I went and told him about my condition. I sold all of my equipments, except my pet camera, to him at a throw away price, and closed my studio.   Now I am happily conducting free photography classes to beginners!                        

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