Why do you need Cat Costume Ideas?

People enjoy decorating their home for the various holidays or just for the sake of it. And sometimes this also includes the people and animals living in the home. Just because your cat tends to be stand offish doesn’t mean that you cannot find some cat costume ideas that will work with him. If you are not sure if you should put your cat in costumes or your family protests, here are some reasons to assist you.    

Bumblebee Cat Costume

Not my cat – Bumblebee Cat Costume (Photo credit: http://www.petsadviser.com)

Cute Factor

Imagine how cute Fluffy is going to look in her little set of fairy wings? Doesn’t she deserve to be cute and have everyone fawning over her for an evening? If fairy wings don’t sound cute to you, there are many other cute cat costume ideas that you can try out.

Status Symbol

Maybe your cat is the princess of the house and you want to give her a tiara or crown to denote her status. Chances are she should be wearing this around the house every day, not just on special occasional. You may want to consider purchasing her a robe as well to go with the crown and so that she will not get cold – royalty should always be warm.

Soften the Cats Image

If your cat is known to be mean, maybe they are just suffering from a complex and need something to dress them up and make them feel better. In this case, you may want to put them in something beautiful and sincere to help them. Cat costume ideas might be a wizard or a dolphin fin if you want them to feel smart or a pretty cape or wings if you want them to feel beautiful.

Be Someone Else

Humans sometimes dress up to be someone else for a day, like a member of the opposite sex or a magician, so what is to say that your cat does not want to do the same? Does your cat act like a dog; maybe you should find cat costume ideas in the form of a dog. A cap with floppy ears and a little mask, and you can transform your cat into what she truly wants to be.

Be prepared to incur a few scratches when attempting to put your cat in costumes but they will be so cute it will be worth it. Make sure that you take some pictures as who knows if your cat will tolerate this nonsense again even if it is for you. 

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