Why Bubblews Hasn’t Paid Writers

I really have sworn that I was not going to write anything more about Bubblews but, I came across something this morning that I really wanted to share. The site has had many loyal followers and in some respect it still does. It has nothing to do with the owners or the staff, it has to do with the members. That is what has kept people coming back even when Bubblews hasn’t paid writers, their friends on the site.

If any of you are current or former members of the social site Bubbles I am sure the fact that no one is getting paid has been a concern. People who redeemed in May are still waiting for payment. I am sure you have asked yourself why Bubblews hasn’t paid writers. I have found the answer.

I am sure all of you remember last February when Arvind announced the new mobile app Sweeble. It seemed that while writers were having payments slashed or taken away completely, the staff at Bubblews was busy on a totally different project that was taking all their efforts. Many thought that the money that belonged to members was being channeled into this enterprise.

Fast forward to May. Many people requested payouts and are still waiting for them on October 1, that is more than 4 months. But on Friday June 12, 2015 somehow Arvind and Jason came up with the money to throw a launch party for Sweeble in Hollywood no less and invited a lot of important people.

In order to impress the important people and get them to come they supplied them with exotic jelly shots of alcohol and food no doubt and do you want to bet how they paid for that? I am sure it wasn’t from their own salaries, it was from the money that they promised to writers at Bubblews. In case you think this can’t be so, here is the review of the party.

They say Karma is a Bit** and if I was Arvind and Jason I would not be out on a golf courses anytime soon. I am quite sure that a bolt of lightening is waiting for both of them. And if stealing from their members wasn’t bad enough, they even stole the name of their app from Sue Greenwood who bought it in 2006. She has continued to fight as best she can for her right to the name but it would seem that honesty and fair play is not something these men know a lot about.

Whatever the reasons for the non-payments, you can be sure of one thing, you will never get a straight answer out of anyone who works for Bubblews and right now it appears the site is doomed since members are flocking away to MyLot in droves.


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