Where to Find Free Workout Ball Exercises

Many pieces of exercise equipment will cost you a fortune. One however, is very inexpensive. The exercise ball is more than just a passing fad; it has become an important part of many fitness routines. In addition to being inexpensive to use, it provides great results and helps to provide a stronger core which has multiple benefits to the body. It is something that doesn’t require any special skills and can be used by people of all ages and levels of fitness. There are many places to find exercises to do with the exercise ball.


10 Fun Moves to Reshape Your Body with a Fitness Ball Workout  written by Fitness professional Barbara Russi Sarnataro who writes for WebMD. Her article is entertaining as well as providing 10 great ways to get started using your exercise ball. There is no cost to print out this workout which has exercises for every part of the body.


This is a free website that offers a wide variety of exercises for people with different levels of fitness. Exercises are offered for seniors and pregnant women as well as the average person. This is a very comprehensive website covering everything from warm up stretches to fat burning exercises. Every part of the body is covered. The drawback if there is one is that the author is not a professional. This website is the product of a couple who love working out with the fitness ball and want to share the knowledge acquired. A DVD that can be purchased but the website itself is free and there are pictures and descriptions of the exercises. 


For those who prefer to see the exercise being performed before attempting it themselves, Youtube has a wide selection of workout videos. It is easy to search Youtube with the words exercise ball workout. Ppages of exercise routines are available. Some of them use additional equipment such as resistance bands in addition to the exercise balls. Some short videos of just a couple of minutes are offered as well as others that are much longer. An almost an endless supply of videos is available.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has a slide show that can help to provide fitness ball exercises. There are 10 pages of exercises to help provide a strong core. Detailed photos and instruction provided by the staff of the Mayo Clinic are also offered.

The easiest place to find free exercises to use with the fitness ball is to use the ones that come with the fitness ball when it is purchased. Most balls will come with an included booklet.

The local library has free books and DVD that can be borrowed and while there is no guarantee that every library will have a wide variety of options, there should be some available.

These are just a few free places to find free workout ball exercises.

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