When They’re Trying to Change Perceptions

Ever came in contact with some people who insist on trying to change other people’s perceptions? Well guess where these individuals are? Online. Yes, go online and find some characters who are constantly trying to alter a person’s perception, even when they’re viewing proof. Really? What makes some people work so hard to try and drive others insane? Perhaps they’re insane. No time. It’s trying to make some changes. Sometimes all one can do is laugh. “Comical.” 

That’s why it’s good to just take some time out and meditate. Some people will try to ruin a good day. Distance should occur at all times for some people. The toxic ones. The ones who never stop trying to cause havoc. Everyday trying to make a person’s life miserable. We’re capable of figuring out what the real deal is. However we’re not always able to think clearly at first but take some time to think so others aren’t able to alter the “perception.”

A lot will try to place information which is invalid in the mind so one can become weak. When there’s weakness there’s less “productivity.” No matter what’s put out there it’s always what we’re believing in. When we’re not seeing what we’re believing it means there’s faith. No amount of dysfunctional behavior should alter perceptions but some may catch others in a vulnerable state. Proof will always reveal what is anyway so no matter how many try to convince others something isn’t when it is won’t work. 

When we’re in environments where there’s a lot of chaos it’s time to decrease the time in such places. When there’s less time in a chaotic place there’s less risks to a meltdown. That’s why there’s so much information informing others to “spend time with positive people.” Anyone trying to cause insanity shouldn’t even be apart of a person’s life. 

Not everyone is suitable to be apart of our lives. Some just want to make it a lot harder for others and that’s why they’ll create scenes to try and cause others to behave dysfunctional. These occurrences will occur when there’s a lot of “competition.” Very competitive people will try just about anything in order to gain or win. They’ll certainly try to cause insanity. 

Some people may not know exactly how to deal with such individuals are how to prevent disturbing the mind. The best thing to do is put “distance” between anyone who’s trying to cause the mind to become ill. If they’re doing such things then it’s possible they’re mentally ill. Observing is necessary and even while observing we’ll stumble. The eyes aren’t able to view every area at once. Being alert is a great way to keep sane. 

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