When Surrounded by Darkness Find Light

Sometimes all we can do is just allow things to settle. Take time to pray and allow everything to come together. There’s a lot of darkness all around us. Some way and some how we have to find the “light.” There always be good and evil. There will always be some who do not love but there’s someone who demonstrates compassion. Yes, it’s unfortunate that so many go against one another and constantly on the hunt. 

We’re blessed to have the tools to protect us from the evilness and the darkness. Although going through some of dark spots is quite challenging. There’s a reason and we become stronger and we become more spiritually connected. We don’t have these battles alone. There’s always the Living God and Jesus that walks with us. On earth there will always be at least one who will be supportive and who will understand. 

Sometimes some unaware that they’re in complete darkness. They’ve fallen into a pit and don’t know how to come out. Not willing to pray or put on the armor. Even the ones who have or wear the cloth will become dark. Some are controlled by the enemy and some have simply slipped into desperation. 

We may be exposed to dark environments. Some so dark that there needs to be constant light. When there’s chaos in a area then God has been removed. Kind like the removal of prayer in schools. An environment becomes chaotic. Individuals are filled with hate and despair. The only way to deal with such a situation is to continuously pray and to keep the armor on. Otherwise there will be a whole lot of back and fourth. 

We will face darkness in our homes, in the work place, and there’s darkness in educational facilities. There has to be some “light” somewhere. Even when a person or persons have fallen. The fall mean that they’re not equipped to be a shinning light. When we come across darkness being thrown at us. We have been chosen for an assignment. We’re on a path that so many want us to get off of. 

We can conquer through the word of God and love. Love conquers. Hate will create attacks and war. Some are so far gone that they can’t even spot love. They’ve become accustom to the darkness and are blinded. Some wake up while others stay asleep. Sometimes it takes some light to shine so that there is an awakening. We have to find a way to find calmness in all situations. 

Of course we shouldn’t spend all of our hours trying to save an environment. We can make attempts to try and generate some calmness. Going into “prayer” and deep meditation will help in so many ways. We are in a constant battle and we simply afford to take off the armor. If we do then we’ll havd no protection from attacks. When the armor is on. The attacks won’t penetrate. Of course the weapons will form but the attacks won’t prosper. 

That doesn’t mean that the enemy will stop trying to be on attack. We’re given the armor because God knew that we would be under attack. He knew that there would be war and there would be evil in the world. God promised that He will discipline the ones who are attacking and who do not love. We may be exposed to a lot of hate but as long as we have love in our hearts we will prevail. 

“We Will Overcome” (Tanikka Paulk)

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