When Should You Switch Your Baby’s Formula?

switch your baby's formula

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I mentioned in my tips for bottle-feeding moms that switching formula was a bad idea. My health visitor recommended to stick to the same one. However, we’ve just recently made a switch.

So, when is it a good time?

Depends on the Switch

What switch are you making first? We opted to switch brands of formula, but stuck to the first stage infant milk. There are lots of different types of brands out there, and some will be different makeups than others.

The one switch we were advised against was to go from infant milk to hungrier baby formula. Apparently this switch makes no difference for the extra price you pay. The comfort and acid reflux options are not really worthwhile either, apparently.

When we had our first daughter, we did make a switch to the comfort option of our brand. We found that there was a difference, but only a slight one. It was worth it for us. We haven’t bothered trying it with our second daughter. Instead, we’re focusing on getting as much wind up as possible.

Helping Little Tummies

Switching brands could certainly be worthwhile. This is the change we made at the weekend. We went from Cow & Gate to Aptamil formula. This was a change we made for our first daughter, because we found her little tummy couldn’t deal with C&G formula. She suffered from watery stools. This has been the case the last few weeks for our second daughter, and we’re wondering whether it is the brand.

Aptamil formula for babies

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Right now, we’re trying the new brand; according to research, Aptamil is the one that midwives in the UK recommend. We’ll see if it helps her little tummy because we really need to fix that part!

We know we’ll need to give the new formula at least a week to see any difference. I’m going to give it this time and maybe a little longer.

When Intolerant to Dairy

There are soy versions of the formulas out there, and these could be worth switching to. Some babies have an intolerance to dairy, and can’t stomach the normal baby formulas.

This may be something that we have to consider if the change of brand doesn’t work. I’ll bring it up to my health visitor the next time I see her if there is still an issue.

The soy versions do cost more, but they will certainly be worth it. I can’t put a price on my daughter’s health and well-being.

Are you considering switching baby formula? It depends on the switch as to whether it is worth it. Consider what you are switching to and find out whether it really does make a difference or not.

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