What Caused the big red to Become so Notorious

A large man with a cigar one of the most intimidating men besides Al Capone. What in the world caused this man to become so vicious? Who is this man? His name is Suge Knight. Parents seem family oriented and Ministers. So how in the world did Suge become so notorious? Did something occur in his childhood was Suge bullied as a child? Ruling over so many and so many became fearful of this man. Violent but somewhere deep within there has to be some compassion. Usually fear causes people to become angry. What is Suge Knight afraid of?

The best guess is death. In order to remain in control Suge may have an attitude of getting others before they get him. Rage and feeling despaired. So in order to keep others from bothering him. He’ll lash out. Being afraid isn’t the same as respect. Who is the real Suge Knight? Gangster, Notorious, Hellish but even the most dangerous men have some sort of heart. Was married have children so he loved and is capable of love. 

Could some occurrence cause one to become so cold? Perhaps. When youth become apart of gang they’re looking for acceptance. When men feel the need to be apart of dangerous situations there’s something or somethings they’re lacking. They’re “not born monsters.” Some become addicted to violence. The black version of the notorious gangster. Read about Al Capone and just seems abnormal to want to be in so much control. Blasting and ordering hits. Living violent lifestyle. 

That’s enough to create a parent’s health decline. In and out of prison. Never really steering away from the violence. Anyone who marries a man who is so dark has to have some psychological issues. Nervousness and depression. Witnessing all sorts of madness. Do Suge believe in God? Even a gang banger will fall on their knees at some point. There’s no way a human being can commit so many violent acts and not feel something. 

The kill or be killed :mentality” perhaps is apart of some of the most notorious men’s thoughts. Trying to figure what makes a person so cold can rattle the brain. Doesn’t seem as if Suge had a rough life. When it comes to his parents. God fearing parents both parents in the home. Why? Almost like a man riding down the street and everyone on the block seems him coming and scatter. One man in red. Helps kids. Just trying to wrap my brain around the logic of wanting to be notorious. 

Not speaking bad about Suge Knight. Not normal to just want to blow kill a lot of people. No therapists ever mentioned any issues. Nothing fake. “Real” gangster. No pretending to be. Do Suge hug? Is Suge Knight a hidden teddy bear? So many people are afraid of Suge Knight.  Just a photo can intimidate a person. The voice is as if there’s no reasoning with the man in red. 

“There is Evil and Good and in the Eyes of a Notorious man There is Also Pain.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Featured Photo Credit: Free Advanced Google Images Free to use Even Commercially

Image Credit: Free Advanced Google Images Free to use Even Commercially

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Author’s notes: No disrespect to Suge Knight but so many want to know what caused the coldness? Losing so many relatives to gun violence some gang retaliation. Trying to understand why some choose to be so notorious? Not born to be a monster. Something painful occurred. 

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