Few would argue that the human resource departments of a company are the powerhouses of the enterprise. Keeping aside their makeshift responsibilities, HR’s are bound to provide a major hand towards the mediating channels between two different functions. in fact, in all honesty, it could be safely said that the organization owes its culture to the HR function.

Given the seismic proportion of this responsibility, talent managers are looking deeply into the value-added offerings of professional certifications. An HR professional which wants to excel in their respective domain ought to have at least the following characteristics:

Knowledge of Legal Affair: Legal formalities formulate an everyday chore in the lives of our talent miners. For instance, decisions such a hiring a convict, creating a diversity & inclusion policy which shall go uncontested with people of all backgrounds or even firing an employee on the spot. Such choices made on the spot could have drastic repercussions later onwards. Hence, it is highly advised that an HR professional be thorough with the knowledge of legal affairs.

People Management: Human resource management has many sides. Managers might have their attention diverted to different priorities. Let alone training and the age-old recruitment but managing people & multi-tasking forms a key component of their to-dos. Many learn this trait while they are at it, whereas to others this quality comes naturally. Whatever the case, its presence is unctuous.

Fringe Perks: This is another commonality among top managers. They are good with numbers. Think about it for a second, with the total number of people being handled by one person, there has got to some other complex calculation involved. Aspects such employee benefits, job positioning ought to be taken care of carefully. In addition to that, there are company perks not all are aware of. From time to time, employees ought to be reminded of the same. These may come to include, health insurance, medical expenses etc. An astute HR professional should always stay ahead of the game with the answers ready at the tip of their tongue.

Integrity: While nobody can teach this, at times it marks the line of differentiation between trustworthy employees and those on the other end. Human resource management as a career path requires you to pay attention to this elusive trait which makes people rise higher in their careers.

Certifications: This is really simple. Without a speck of doubt, HR certifications have become the new normal. If one wants to become a team leader from an executive, they route for certifications to increase the likelihood of a promotion. If a team leader wants to be a manager, they procure a value-adding credential to outshine others with their resume alone. Moreover, when managers choose to step into the next echelon, you know what they do, don’t you? Even though the online space is already cluttered, Talent Management Institute (TMI™) has become one of topmost emerging brands in the field of credentialing. offering a wide array of the digitally badged credentials, TMI™’s credentials have the capacity to catapult your career into a whole new direction. HR or not, you’ve got to go throw it!

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