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Quebec is unique in North America with its bilingual French and English culture. History is located throughout the province as well as an architecture that will take you back to Europe as soon as you see it. If you are planning a vacation to “la belle province” you will want to find websites for planning a trip to Quebec. Here are a few to get you started.

Quebec Original

Quebec Original is the official site of Quebec Tourism. It is a beautiful site that is also quite comprehensive. Not only will it help you find out exactly what you might want to see and do, it will let you book accommodations.

They offer a Featured section that will tell you what is special about visiting right this minute. If you are planning more in the future you might want to check out the Explore section.

No matter what you want to know about the Province of Quebec and visiting there, this website will help you to find it. It is easy to navigate, clean and concise and provides some stunning photos to keep your interest. Tourism Quebec has done an excellent job of engaging tourist and then providing them with the useful information that they need to plan their trip.

The Plan Your Trip tab will be especially useful for first time visitors as it covers topics such as customs and immigration, currency and money exchange, electricity, alcohol and bars and even tipping. It should be the first thing you look at when planning. If you only want to look at one website, Quebec Original should be enough to make your plans to visit Quebec a reality.

Quebec City and Region

Quebec City and Region is just that, the website that covers the information you need when you want to visit Quebec City and the region nearby. Quebec City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Province of Quebec and also the capital.

The link is to the English version and the funny thing is the French version has quite a different photo array so I suggest even if you don’t understand French, visit the French site just to enjoy the photos. You can visit as a visitor, as media or as a meeting planner.



Must See Attractions offers a stunning photo and written review of the places and sights that you won’t want to miss. Old Quebec provides a map of the historic area and then divides it into historic districts to help you get your bearings. Sections on Accommodations, Activities and Attractions, Discount Passport and more are offered.

This is a well-organized site that will be a great help to anyone planning to visit the Quebec City region.

Quebec Web

Quebec Web is an interesting site, no bells and whistles just straight to the point information about all the different regions from the far north to the U.S. border to Gaspe in the east and to the border of Ontario in the west, it is all covered here by region.

The regions are listed on the left on the homepage and a click takes you to a page full of information with links galore. You can find out about the activities that are available in an area, the festivals and events and just about any information about that area that you want.

This is a nice website, simple to use and very straight forward.

Montreal Tourism

Montreal Tourism is the official website for the city of Montreal and it is a great looking site. At the very bottom of the home page there is a link to all the Gay and Lesbian attractions that the city has to offer, it may be a small link but it offers plenty of great information.

The site is geared to tourists and you can watch a two minute video, visit the blog or just start clicking away at all the information at your fingertips. This is the definitive Montreal guide for anyone planning a visit.

When you are planning a visit to the Province of Quebec or to one of its lovely cities or regions, you will want to use the best Quebec travel websites to give you the best and latest information on what is happening. These few will get you started on your vacation planning.

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