Weapons that You May Carry in Your Wilderness Survival Kit

One of the chief reasons why many individuals avoid exploring the wilderness is simply because they are scared of being attacked by wild animals or to be precise, they are petrified of being eaten up by a wild bear. All these fears seem to be completely ridiculous and illogical. Statistically speaking, you seem to be far safer and secure in the wilderness as compared to a big city. However, it is a good idea to take adequate precautions before venturing outdoors. You need to be fully prepared and must know what could be the most effective wilderness weapons.

Some Probable Threats in the Forests

While we are talking about weapons for effective wilderness survival, you must know about the probable threats. Practically speaking, animal attacks are quite rare in the wilderness. Most wild animals are equally scared of humans as they consider them as dangerous so they should be maintaining a safe distance from you under normal circumstances.

You could keep away from wild animal attacks if you take a few smart measures such as keep food at a safe distance from the campsite and hang a bear bag. You must realize that weapons are of no use when you encounter poisonous spiders and snakes. However, carrying an appropriate weapon really pays when you need to protect yourself from animals such as bears, coyotes, wolves, cougars, moose, lions etc.

When you are planning a wilderness vacation at the pristine Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India, it could be a good idea to include the below-discussed weapons in your wilderness survival kit but it is far more important to book a cozy Tadoba accommodation close to the national park, well ahead of the time.

Bear Pepper Spray

According to wildlife travel experts, Bear Pepper Spray is supposed to be the most effective weapon for survival in the wilderness. This is quite safe, as far as, you and your friends are concerned. You would certainly not be accidentally killing yourself or your travel mate. Pepper spray is also very convenient as it is quite lightweight and could be carried along quite easily without any discomfort. Moreover, you can keep the pepper spray on the side pouch of your rucksack and that makes it easily accessible when you are confronted with some danger.

Pepper spray is certainly the most effective weapon against the bears. This, however, is not the usual pepper spray but it is the pepper spray containing 1 to 2 percent capsicum and just meant especially, to handle wild bears. This phenomenal bear pepper spray would be coating the nose, eyes, and lungs of a bear. If a bear is about to attack you, you would not be able to stop it with a gun but you may probably end up saving yourself by using the pepper spray. This pepper spray could save you from some other wild animals and even people if the situation demands so.

Sticks and Rocks

Sticks and rocks prove to be effective weapons while you are exploring the jungles. They are probably the only weapons that are found within arm’s reach. It is best to back off from most of the wild animals. Sometimes, you need to act strong and do not budge at all. However, wild animals like Coyotes and Cougars need to be attacked with rocks and stones to drive them away. You may hit with sticks or use a branch of a tree and attack the animal with it. You must try to injure the animal’s eyes and nose. This is a great way of fighting back wild animals. Most of them would back down when they see you fight back.


Many wildlife travel enthusiasts carry a gun in their wilderness survival kit. However, many people feel that gun is not quite a good weapon to handle wilderness crises. Some pro-gun people would be arguing that a gun is just the right weapon to safeguard yourself from wild animal attacks and crazy people out there in the wilderness.


Having discussed the weapons you could carry along with you while you are exploring the wilderness, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that no weapon could safeguard you if you are being stupid or illogical. Most people lose their lives in the wilderness because of their own stupidity rather than animal attacks. They die mostly because they end up simply overestimating their abilities or are just not prepared for the wilderness expedition.

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