Ways to Teach Your Children about Faith

The faith of a child is unwavering. It is consistent, like a river that continuously delivers its water into the sea, never flowing back into the mountains from where it came from. When a child gives his/her faith, it is not partial or half-hearted even if his/her life is compromised. The faith of a child is real – but how can we teach children to have faith in God? While sending them to Christian institutions of learning helps, it is our duty and obligation to teach our children to develop faith that can move mountains. Here are some ways you can consider:


1. Set the spiritual example.


You children look up to you as their role model. They observe the way you show and live out your faith, and it has a great impact on their Christian life than anything else. The way your children express their faith is a reflection of your own.


2. Teach your children to trust Jesus Christ.


Trust in God is the root and source of faith. Teaching children that God is the source of everything we have and what we aspire to be is teaching them to trust. You must show to them that trusting in their own instincts and understanding is not part of God’s plan for everyone. Teach them to see Jesus as a father to enable them to build a relationship with their maker. Let them focus on that relationship instead of being conscious of the rules. This will help them establish a relationship that is strengthened by faith.


3. Love your children unconditionally.


Love your children regardless of their looks and character. It is through this kind of affection that they will realize God loves them through you. Let them understand that Godly love is unconditional love. This will make them appreciate the love of God and love Him back in return.


4. Manage your resources wisely.


The resources you have such as money, talent and energy are God-given. Tell your children about it. Use these resources wisely to show your children what it is like to manage what you have with faith. This will make them realize that they are raised in God’s care through your faith.


5. Be open about your faith to your children.


Children may not be able to detect lies but they truly appreciate honesty and sincerity. Be open. Talk to your children about your spiritual journey. Tell them about your doubts and mistakes, but don’t forget to tell them how you were able to overcome problems with God’s grace. Your openness about your faith to your children will make them comfortable to open up and share their own feelings about faith with you.


6. Send your kids to a Christian school.


There are many good reasons why you should send your children to a Christian school such as the Christian schools Colorado parents choose. It will make them see and meet other children and teachers who have faith in God. It will give them a sense of belonging which is an important aspect of being a Christian. A Christian school will teach your children good values they will carry on for life.


Faith cannot be taught because it emanates from the heart. Passing it to other people such as your kids may be the best you can do. But you can feed a heart with God’s love and kindness to make that faith grow. Water it with prayers. Entrust your children to God and ask Him to strengthen their faith so that they will grow closer to Him each day.


photo credit for featured image: Art4theglryofGod (flickr.com)

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