Virtually Insanity and a Whole lot More

The real world is nothing “compared” to the virtual world. In some areas there’s no rules and there’s a whole lot of confusion. Sometimes a simple log in can be like going into a war zone. All of the competitive spirits roaming about and of course the ones who never leave to take a break. The ones who follow just to hassle the surfer. Some may even run, hide, and be in disguise in the virtual world. It’s really like the Matrix. For real. 

Individuals really go beyond belief can even the toughest of people will probably break down in the virtual world. Like robotic enemies waiting to attack their next victim. Some days there may be little desire to go into some of the most chaotic places. Avoiding certain people just to get something done. The watchers will watch and the eyes are all over the place. Waiting to see what the next move will be. 

Waiting for their next attack and trying to control every situation. No matter how one tries to avoid the nuisances. They’ll keep on trying to create disconnections. Perhaps that’s why some stay hidden. So they’ll be off trying to find out some more information. Looking for clues. Don’t give out any clues. They’re “looking” through cameras and watching every stroke.

Madness. Wanting to get a hold of whatever they feel can generate escalation. Pretty annoying. Not like the paparazzi. Even the paparazzi will go on to something else but these individuals are like wolves or the prowl. When do they sleep? Can’t tell. Moving information about changing dates to make it seem as if they’ve posted something long ago. Imagine half the world being in on what may appear to be a computerized game. 

Some reality, fiction, and nonsense all wrapped into one. Some actually felt as if they were running. Virtual runs. Just think where the technology will be in about 10 more years. Sort of like the movies. Some trolling others just to see who they’re communicating with. Trying to see if there will be a new plan. Having to deal with the problematic people can be a drain. That’s why breaks are “needed.”

If they’re not receiving what they want then they’ll harass anyone they feel can offer the receiving. Imagine having to deal with such situations everyday. Not the best of circumstances but may be necessary in order to “advance to the next level.” Which means moving in a new direction. Some not wanting the movements to occur so there will be lots of resistance. 

Sometimes the progress may appear slow due to so many wanting to make certain events stop occurring. There must be a new plan or a more well developed one so there’s “more progress”. The simplest of tasks may become a headache due to some just wanting to be a pain in the rear. Virtually some aren’t even themselves. They’re unable to do what they’re able to do in the real world. 

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