What if Virtual Reality became a thing

What if Virtual Reality became a thing?

Virtual Reality is a upcoming game form (as of writing this article) where you are fully immersed into a virtual world. So that means that you are an controller. There may be virtual realities for things that most people may or may not be able to do in their lifetime. From flying to riding dragons, you can do so many things that you can’t do in virtual reality. But, some people literally plan to spend the rest of their lives inside it, which is not a good thing.


The benefits are vast! People would use virtual reality for only playing games, but there are so many uses for it. You could use it as a training course for being a doctor, lawyer, or other subjects in real life. That means you can practice surgery, and figure out how everything works without even risking a life! Once you do that, you could get a high degree in only just a few years instead of about 5-10 years. And yet, being able to drive in a high speed car, knowing that you will not die, or being able to kill somebody, and not get arrested for it can be a pleasing experience and can prevent crime rates. But, not everything is really perfect.


When people want to fully immerse into a virtual reality game for a very long time, this can dangerously affect their health. Virtual reality can be thought as being sleep, and that can easily mess up your bedtime schedule. Also, unless they have a feeding tube, their body needs exercise so that they don’t look like a anorexic skeleton, or a big blob of meat. Also, if the game can stimulate pain, you would still be able to be harmed in real life, because your brain may think that you were hurt somewhere. But, the cost is more likely to be higher than the price of a XBOX 1, due to the tech that is required to make the thing.


Virtual Reality will have its benefits, and its disadvantages. But, it will still help us out in a way. So don’t worry, that dream of being a super hero may just be true after all. All we are going to need is a few more years, a bit more knowledge about the brain, then we will finally have virtual reality. That will be it for the article, as I will be on my toes until it comes around. But, for people younger than 18 may not be able to use it, but that all depends on how high tech that virtual reality is. You can easily say that SAO is one of the inspirations for virtual reality. If it does come out, drop everything and let me know ASAP!

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