Vemma Mangosteen Tea Extract Health Benefits – Eczema, Diabetes, Pregnancy

Mangosteen Rind Eczema Benefits – Juice for Psoriasis Helps Diabetes

Mangosteen rind eczema benefits make it desirable for pregnant women. This juice for psoriasis helps people with diabetes and men and women who struggle with acne. Kokum or mangosteen is also used as a spice and is very popular in Sri Lankan and Indian cooking.


How To Make Mangosteen Juice


Health Benefits of Kokum Juice (Mangosteen)- What Does it Taste Like?

Mangosteen can be used to make juice and syrup. Both are delicious. If you have limes or lemons, these can be combined with mangosteen to bring out the flavor. Mangosteen is naturally sweet, so if you are diabetic, you do no have to add any sugar to the beverage. Its natural sweetness will be enough for you to enjoy the flavor.


Mangosteen Health Benefits- Antioxidant Content

Kokum has been investigated in several studies by researchers who are interested in its effects on people with antioxidant deficiencies. Mangosteen has a deep purple color and this is the first indication that it is rich in antioxidants.


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How to Make Mangosteen Juice

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Mangosteen Tea Benefits

Kokum peel is a good source of phenolic antioxidants. The extract from kokum peel has been used in traditional medicines for a number of years. A Vemma Mangosteen blend has essential plant based minerals added to benefit help men and women across the world who want to get their essential vitamins and minerals without swallowing a pill. Kokum peel helps with the dryness and itching that is associated with eczema. You can even use the pericarp for a healthy morning tea.

In order to use the rind as a natural treatment for eczema, you will need to create a puree. This is one of the best forms in which you can use mangosteen rind. Some people also dry the rind, pulverize it and then use that to make a cream that can be applied to your face or any other section of your body that is affected by eczema.

Always test mangosteen rind on a small area of skin before applying it to your entire face. Watch your skin’s reaction to mangosteen for at least 24 hours. To keep mangosteen peel at its best, store it in an airtight container.

The compounds which have been isolated from kokum peel are antimicrobial and anti inflammatory. This means that like calendula, it can be helpful in treating rashes and eczema.


Mangosteen Health Benefits


Health Benefits of Kokum Juice (Mangosteen) for Skin

Mangosteen rind eczema benefits are a pleasure to enjoy. A butter made from kokum helps to heal dry skin. Rubbing mangosteen butter into your elbows, heels and other skin areas that may sometimes by dry or even cracked, can help those areas to heal.

Kokum peel helps a lot with inflammation and it contains compounds that help wounds to heal faster. If your skin is itchy, dry or scaly, mangosteen peel can help to improve the way that skin looks and feels. Vemma Mangosteen also helps sores and ulcers to heal.


Health Benefits of Kokum Juice (Mangosteen) for Acne

Many people who use kokum for acne benefit from Mangosteen soaps that contain other ingredients that are good for the skin. Other natural ingredients that help acne to heal quickly include acai and shea butter. The antioxidants in mangosteen help to reduce the inflammation that is often associated with acne.

Soaps with mangosteen for acne can be used for the following irritated areas:

  • Acne on back
  • Acne on chin
  • Acne on cheeks
  • Acne on forehead
  • Acne on neck
  • Acne on chest


Mangosteen Health Benefits


Health Benefits of Kokum Juice (Mangosteen) for Diabetes

Kokum has benefits for men and women with diabetes. Children who have diabetes can benefit by having the fruit as well. Kokum is beneficial because it:

  • Slows down insulin resistance
  • Stops insulin resistance

After eating kokum or drinking mangsoteen juice, blood sugar levels are likely to drop noticeably. You should keep this in mind if you test your blood sugar regularly or are on medication for diabetes. If you plan on using kokum juice to help control your blood sugar, speak to your doctor. Type 2 diabetics have been found to experience more benefits from using kokum than those experienced by people with Type 1 diabetes.

Vemma Mangosteen Tea Extract Health Benefits - Eczema, Diabetes, Pregnancy

Vemma Mangosteen Tea Extract Health Benefits – Eczema, Diabetes, Pregnancy


Health Benefits of Kokum Juice (Mangosteen) for Pregnancy

The health benefits of kokum juice can be enjoyed at any stage. A woman’s body requires more nutrients while she is carrying a baby. Folate is one of the important nutrients which is needed for the proper development of eggs. Folate is a B vitamin and helps prevent certain conditions in babies.

You can get folate from a number of sources, including dark green leafy vegetables. Purple mangosteen like this is also a good source of folate for you and your baby. This water soluble vitamin is not stored in your body so you should try to have foods like this that are good sources of folate often.

Your baby’s body need Manganese in order to form cartilage. Kokum juice is a good source of manganese and it also supplies you with Vitamin C during pregnancy. Since kokum is a high fiber fruit, it helps to prevent constipation- one of the complaints commonly associated with pregnancy.



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