Valentines Day Special: How Being Single is a Blessing

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Valentines Day, 14th of the month February, yup, It’s a day when sweet couples have fun and get romantic with each other, reasons to plan something like candle light dinner with someone you love. Congratulations to those who have a date on this very special day, enjoy with your girlfriend/boyfriend and please don’t bother to read this article. If you still want to read this, please don’t blame me if you happened to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Now for those who don’t have a date on this occasion of Valentines day. All of you who are still single, how are you celebrating this valentine day. Don’t tell me that you are sitting in some corner of your home and thinking about the couples having fun and blaming yourself that you didn’t ask the girl next door to go on a date with you. If that’s the case then please slap yourself and get out of this coma. Yup, you are single and this is the best thing ever which can happen to you, so instead of cursing yourself try to enjoy your singlehood.

So why being single is a blessing, here are some merits that I can think of, but there are numerous other benefits of being single which are out of the scope of this article and those you will realize yourself in future.

No Painful Breakups

It’s 2016 and yes, there is still something like true love, but the thing is it is mostly one sided, so if you truly love your girlfriend and she just broke up with you for someone else or for any lame reason, how do you plan to endure the pain of a breakup. Being single is better than to have a broken heart. A quote which I found on someone’s Facebook status. So no girlfriend means, no breakups, no break ups means no pain and no pain means eternal happiness.

Save Your Money and Time 

Yes, if you are single you are actually saving a lot of money for yourself. You don’t have to roam around and fulfill those silly requests (mostly includes money) of your girlfriend. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts for her for every silly occasion. Believe me, this is the best way to save your money. You can actually spend your money how you want. Be single and save your money for Sony’s PS4 or if you don’t like buying PS4 you certainly will save a lot of money for your beer. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about your pocket money because you surely can roam around with empty pockets.

Don’t have to answer silly questions.Do-I-look-Attractive

Suppose there’s an earthquake followed by a volcanic eruption. If this can’t kill you, all those silly questions like “Do I look attractive”, “Which color suits me”, “will this dress suit me” will sure kill you. If you are single you don’t have to bear these life threatening questions. These questions become worse if your girlfriend/boyfriend suspects that you are cheating with her/him. “Why you are late, are you with some other girl”, “What were you doing with that girl” are some pretty good examples.

Endless Freedom

When you are single you are master of yourself. You can go wherever you want, you can stare at pretty girls walking on the street, without any concerns (you certainly can’t do this while walking with your girlfriend). Enjoy your freedom, this is the best thing of singlehood.


Adequate Sleep

The good thing is that you are single and that’s why you don’t have to text your girl/boy whole night. This is the worst side effect of being in a relationship, you have to compromise with your sleep just to talk about rubbish things. All singles out there, you all certainly don’t want to look like a zombie with huge red eyes every morning.

Don’t have to Remember Dates

What happen when you, forget your Anniversary or forget your lover’s birthday. You all know what happens in those cases. But you don’t have to worry because you are single.

Being single is a blessing, if you know how to enjoy it and live with it. You are awesome and you don’t need a lover to tell you that. Singlehood is the sweetest thing if you can live all by yourself and can dance alone in the rain. So instead of being joyless, go out and have some fun.

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