Using Creative Writing as a Healing Tool

Creative writing is a means to express yourself. Writing an inspired piece nurtures the need to explore ideas, feelings and emotions and, sometimes, even come to a resolution. As the writing process progresses and a piece is complete, the end product often results not only in a beautiful piece of creative work, but the writer may also find in the end the piece is complemented with a level of healing.

Creative Writing as a Healing Tool

Working Through Emotions

There are many ways to express yourself through words to help heal either an old or fresh wound. Writing provides the opportunity to work through emotions which have been hard to sort through or remain unresolved. This is another one of the ways creative writing can be used as a healing tool.

Grief is usually accompanied with anguish and other strong emotions. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, or have gone through a painful breakup or other kind of hurtful experience, the pain may be too hard to bear. Creative writing is an opportunity to convert these overwhelming feelings into beautiful words which flow with passion.

Putting these feelings into a creative outlet can help re-channel and ease the pain. Transforming these strong emotions into words through memoirs, poetry, songs or other reflective pieces can help because the emotions have been given a chance to flow freely through the power of words.

Gain Wisdom and Other Valuable Lessons

In some cases, writing about an experience that caused pain or hurt can help a writer gain wisdom and receive a level of hindsight because the opportunity of learning from past mistakes emerges through self-reflection and evaluation. Additionally, the “why” of it all may suddenly come clear once a creative piece is complete. Sometimes to make sense of a situation it takes stepping out and looking in, and this can effectively be accomplished through writing.

In cases of healing from mistakes or heartbreak, while you can’t go back to change the past, you do have the power to shape your future. Through writing you can gain the wisdom to discover what went wrong and ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

Safekeeping Memories

Perhaps you have a story to tell of a past event, person or experience that has a special meaning to your life. Maybe a particular experience in life has left you wistful and full of “what ifs” and/or causes you ongoing sorrow or angst? By engaging in creative writing, a writer can reach to the inner depths of the soul and tell a story to put a tangible value to the memoir and share it with others. Through writing about a hurt, wistfulness is not lost forever and can often result in reconciliation with a difficult situation.

creative writing as a healing tool

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The memory of a past or lesson you don’t want forgotten can live on indefinitely through your eyes and of those of your readers. Using the power of words you have the ability to not only heal yourself, but you can do the same for others who may be identifying with your raw emotions.

Creative writing not only provides an internal sense of releasing locked up emotions, it also offers a written piece may have meaning for others to identify with, thus in a sense reading your work can be a healing tool for a reader as well.   Of course, sometimes creative writing is just that – something creatively pulled into an idea for a story, poem or other piece with no basis in reality. However, through writing, sometimes unresolved emotions can be transformed into a creative work and the end result is not only a productive writing piece, but a sense of inner peace too.

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