Used Cars Vs. New Cars – What Should You Choose?

The decision of buying a car is a major one. However, when it comes to selecting the right model, a prior question might come into your mind- should you buy a new car or a used car? Many car buyers are now going in for pre-owned certified cars in the market. They are used cars checked for functionality and performance as experts. They have many benefits over new cars, and experts recommend that buying them is a good bargain in the long run!

Advantages of used cars over new cars

The following are the key advantages of buying used cars over new cars-

  1. Less depreciation- If you are smart and do a little bit of background study and research, you actually can save much money. Car sellers say that when you take a vehicle out on the road after purchase, it loses about 20% of its value. After a year of continued use, the car will lose an extra 10%. This means in a span of one year your car’s value is reduced by 30%. The depreciation is more after 2 to 3 years of continued use in the market. In the case of used cars, you can choose many models and save much money. Many used cars are in good condition, and you get them by paying less than the rising value in the market.
  2. Reduced insurance costs- Insurance costs are another expense that you need to find out and check. You will find that a used car has lesser insurance premium over new cars. This means if you are looking for lower insurance costs, buying a used car is ideal for you to save money in the long run.
  3. Fewer charges for registration- When you own a car, registration charges are costs you cannot ignore. Certified pre-owned cars do not have the same registration procedures as a new car. When you buy a new car, you need to register the car in your location. When you buy a used car, you release yourself from the above registration formalities. You will save much money as well. In many states in the USA, registration fees are raised to be collected as taxes. This means buying a used car is convenient for you if you wish to save money. In case you have a limited budget, check out proper car dealers in the market for getting a used car in ideal working condition.

Used cars are beneficial for people that are looking for an excellent car to save money. If you have a limited budget, approach pre-owned certified car dealers to buy a right vehicle. Take your time to research the pre-owned certified car dealers. They should have good track records and credibility in the market. Conduct a background search and check the names of reputed and credible dealers that have good customer reviews and online testimonials. The information you gather should be accurate so that you face no hassles shortly when you take your used car out on to the road!

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