Why You Have to Use Special Cleaner on Laminate Tile

Flooring can vary greatly from one type to the next, and each type requires different care. Some varieties can be cleaned with a mixture of water and mild floor cleaner. Others must be cleaned with specialty products to remain in top condition. Laminate flooring requires careful attention, and although it is not difficult to maintain, instructions must be followed if you want it to last. Read on to find out why you have to use special cleaner on laminate tile, and protect your investment. Try to save money by using inferior products and you will eventually ruin your flooring. Manufacturers recognize signs of misuse, and using the wrong products voids the warranty.

It Should Not Be Soaked with Water

Laminate tile flooring is attractive and durable, but it is not indestructible. It is not entirely waterproof either. The sides of the tiles are porous, and if water or other liquids soak in between the cracks, the tiles that once fit together snugly will form obvious lines and gaps. They can also become discolored if water or other liquids are allowed to remain. You have to use special cleaner on laminate tile to keep it looking like new. Opt for an ordinary mop and a bucket of water and moisture will cause irreparable damage. It is not worth the risk.

Why You Have to Use a Special Cleaner on Laminate Tile

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Always Use Special Cleaner on Laminate Tile

Soaking the floor is not the only problem. If you are wondering why you have to use special cleaner on laminate tile, keep in mind that it is formulated to evaporate quickly. It can be sprayed directly onto the floor, or it can be sprayed on the mop. Either way you are not to use water. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner Spray is the product to buy. It is a high-quality cleaner especially for laminate tile and other types of flooring that should not be soaked with water. Unlike cheaper brands, it will not leave behind streaks. It also has a clean fresh scent. It is not cheap, but a little goes a long way. You can save money by purchasing a refill along with the first spray bottle.

Consider a Mop with a Washable Cover

It is okay to use an ordinary sponge or rag mop to clean your laminate tile floor, but sponges eventually split and break. Both types harbor germs, hair, lint and dirt, and they become rancid. They have to be replaced on a regular basis. To offset the cost of the specialty cleaner, buy a mop that uses a washable cover. Simply toss it into the washing machine with a load of clothes, and let it air dry to avoid shrinkage. Not only will it save money over time, but like other reusable products, it is environmentally friendly and well-worth the initial cost.

Does it Really Matter Why You Have to Use Special Cleaner on Laminate Tile?

If you are still wondering why you have to use special cleaner on laminate tile, consider how much you paid for the floor. Do not try to justify using wet wipes, a jet mop or any other method, just because it is cheaper or easier. The cost of the recommended cleaner is worth every penny when considering the price of the flooring. 

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