Use LED screens for conveying information to call centre staff quickly and easily

Effective communication is the key to business success. In the absence of smooth communication in an organisation, production can halt, quality can get affected, sales can decline, and a business may tend to lose its customers. LED screens provide highly effective communication solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. If you own and run a call centre, find out how you can improve the communication process by installing big screen LED screens.

Big screen LEDs can be used for showing calls waiting. Call waiting shows how busy a call centre is. You can use this information to identify if more agents are needed when a certain threshold is being reached. You can choose to show calls waiting by campaign or by site, enabling team leaders to manage their individual teams in a much better way.

Make use of LED screens for showcasing campaign and campaign performance updates. Any updates or changes can be shown on the LED screens to keep the call centre staff informed and updated. You may distribute campaign information on paper initially at the beginning of the project but later on, use LED screens for displaying the information. It is an easy and convenient means of providing valuable campaign information to the team members.

A lot of call centres use LED screen displays for displaying Agents Logged In/out data. This data is important for managing the calls waiting queue. Managers use the data to know which agents have logged in and are able to take calls and who all have logged out. In case 20 agents are assigned to seat and only 10 are taking calls, the manager can find out why this is happening and take appropriate steps to handle this particular problem.

You can use LED screen for providing service level agreement details to your customers. Internal service level agreement details can be show for improving the productivity and performance of the call centre staff. A lot of call centres implement KPI-Key Performance Indicators to dictate a time limit in which the queuing call should be answered.

Big screen displays can be used for displaying information and statistics related to abandoned rate, calls answered, longest call waiting, agents active, agents idle, and other vital data that is pertinent for successful call centre operations. Abandoned rate shows the number of people who hang up while waiting for the call. If the abandoned rate is too high, call centres make additional agents to log in. Calls answered indicates the number of calls answered within a given period. The figures reveal how the call centre is doing and if any strategic change is required to improve call centre performance.

You can send ticker messages on the LED screens to motivate your call centre team or to announce special events. The use of LED screens is not limited to pure business statistics. You can use it for broadcasting news channels to special events to boost the morale of your call centre staff.

Install LED screens in your call centre to enjoy the benefits offered by smooth and effective communication process.

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