Understanding HR Roles And Responsibilities In An Organization

HR or Human Resource personnel is easily one of the most misunderstood or hated personnel in an organization. HR personnel ensure a steady growth of an organization with right talent being on boarded. But at the same time the clashes between an HR person and CEO are quite common as there is an overlapping of roles and responsibilities between CEO and human resource officer. So if there is an overlapping of roles between CEO and an HR, what are the HR Leader roles in an organization?  Read on.

HR Leader Roles

As an HR leader you need to implement plans and strategies tactically by not only acquiring new employees but also retaining the talented employees and create environment for the employees to further develop their talents thus adding on to the organization’s growth. HR leader also manages performance of employees and administer their compensation, which while a CEO can/may also do but is saved thanks to the HR department of the organization. 

According to the industry experts, the job opportunities for HR managers is expected to rise by 9 percent by 2024, so if you are planning to pursue your career as an HR leader then while it is important to get the right degree but it is also important to get professional certifications in HR.  So what exactly are the roles and responsibilities of HR leaders.

Roles And Responsibilities Of HR Leaders

It is important for an organization to understand that its workforce is its biggest and crucial asset and while each organization may have different roles and responsibilities for an HR Leader, there are some common roles and responsibilities that an HR Leader has across all the organizations.

  1. Analyzing and recommending competitive recruiting process including compensation and benefits.
  2. As an HR professional/leader you need to develop plans that help in talent management processes.
  3. You may also need to address problem areas in an organization, along with coach managers on how to handle employee issues and how to determine what assignment to be given to whom based on their areas of strength.
  4. As an HR leader you may also be required to supervise various orientation and training programs related to new employees along with maintaining the workplace safety, wellness plans for employees and ensuring that employees are complying to general rules and regulations of an organization.

Leadership In HR – Qualifications And Certifications

Usually just a bachelor’s degree in either business or human resource or in an associate field can get you a job as an HR in an organization, however, if you are eyeing the role of a leader in HR then along with a master’s degree you also need certifications from reputed HR certification institute to validate your skillset as an HR Leader. While a Master’s degree in HR will help you put in good stead of prospective employers a certification in HR will ensure that you are the candidate prospective employers have been looking for.

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