The Ultimate Making Merry New Year Boozy Dessert Trifle


Eight ounces moist carrot cake

0ne ounce milk chocolate buttons

two tablespoons Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

One pint Raspberry Jelly Mix

Four ounces mixed fruit

Three tablespoons Ruby Rich Sherry

One pint Coca-Cola

One Pint whole milk

Two heaped tablespoons custard powder

Two ounces Sugar

Two tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream

One pint whipping cream

Two ounces Glace Cherries.

Two crumbled Cadbury Flake bars

Pack of sugared orange and Lemon Slices.

Two Tablespoons Orange Liqueur

To make this boozy bonanza of a Christmas trifle begin by soaking the fruit overnight in the ruby rich sherry. At the same time, take the largest glass dish you have, and break up your carrot cake  until it covers the bottom of the dish to perhaps half an inch. Carefully sprinkle the whole area with the Tia Maria coffee liqueur and mix in the chocolate buttons evenly. Leave this soaking overnight as well.

Next morning, add the marinated fruit on top of the now delicious smelling sponge mix, and use what remains of the fruit marinade – mixed with around a pint of coca-cola, to make a sumptuous jelly. Gently heat the cola to boiling point and rapidly dissolve in the jelly crystals, then pour over the contents of the glass dish and leave to set, which may take about a few hours on the top shelf of the fridge.

When this has set and cooled, you need to take your whole milk and set it on the hob to boil, as it does so, stir in the mix you made earlier with a little milk and the custard powder, stirring the whole into a thick mixture. Turn off the heat, and then whisk in the sugar and the bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur.  Take the glass dish from the cooler and pour the custard mix over it whilst still hot and runny. Allow the whole, once more, to cool for a few hours.

Finally, on the day you want to serve it up to your eager diners, whisk up the whipping cream to a stiff consistency, adding a little brandy if desired, and spread it liberally, dotting the whole with glace cherries and dusting with the crumbled milk chocolate flake mixture. Alternatively, as in the picture, you can decorate the cream topping with sugared slices of those delicious orange and lemon slices, drizzled with a nice orange liqueur. The choice is really yours, but both versions are equally decadent and delicious. Warn your guests that they should probably avoid driving after eating a decent portion of this incredibly wicked and boozy dessert delight, and then join in with them in polishing it off.

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