Are You Tweeting on Twitter?

A tongue-in-cheek story of my flirtation with Twitter, and how we recently became an item.

I remember my first attempts to network on Twitter around six years ago. Got registered no problem. What then, stuck, how does all this work?

I’ve never been that savvy with all this internet social networking stuff. It took my sister-in-law much cajoling to finally get me onto Facebook, years after it first hit the net…but this Twitter thing. All these tweets scrolling through, but what were they about, how can you make a comment when you don’t know what the question, or statement, was in the first place?
I’d get in from work, draw the curtains and make sure my door was closed before making another effort to make some sense of it… I mean, who would want anyone to know they couldn’t work Twitter.

Eventually I gave up, I felt a dismal failure, I thought I’d be an outcast in my social circle if anyone found out I didn’t know how to twit on Twitter, or should that be tweet on Tweeter. This had to be kept quiet. So it was, anybody mentioned Twitter over a beer and they’d get, ‘really, what’s that then, no never tried it,’ I’d lie; (I’ll never get to heaven).

I’ll give Twitter one thing, they don’t give up easily. Every so often I’d receive an email; hotontherock (that’s me) Joe Smith has just tweeted such and such. So I’d hit the link, password, shee, you’re kidding, no idea, and couldn’t be bothered to ask for a new one. Well no point was there? I couldn’t work the thing anyway.

A year or so back and I and a few friends were having a quiet beer when the internet came up, much to my surprise. Wasn’t the usual topic of conversation. A friend of mine’s a guitarist, so it was probably about U-Tube, still whatever, it started the debate. Facebook came into the conversation, and I sank a bit lower into my chair.

Whether it was the amount of beer I’d inadvertently consumed, or just a rush of adrenalin to the brain I don’t know, but I put my hand over my mouth and muttered, ‘can’t do Twitter.’ ‘What was that Lloyd, what you say?’ ‘I said’, deciding to go for it, ‘I can’t do Twitter’. KeepCalmAndTweet

Well, knock me down with a feather, nor could anyone else, all the same, tried it, couldn’t work out how it worked. Did I feel better or what, I even got the beers in. I wasn’t as totally internet ignorant as I thought, there were others like me, I wasn’t alone anymore.

And that’s how things stayed, until last week. As I’ve said, Twitter doesn’t let you go easily, especially since they went public. Another email arrived, they happened to catch me when my content mill was a bit quiet, and I was suffering a bit of block. I clicked on the change password link. Bingo, back on Twitter, but a very different Twitter, this one I was able to navigate, I began to work out how things worked, and what I had to do; internet Guru or what?

Now I can link my posts to Google+, three pages on Facebook, and Twitter. I can see it now. Before the year is out I’m sure I’ll be writing my posts lounging in the cockpit of my new yacht, anchored just off the Bahamas. Care of all the new unique views my reactivated Twitter account will send my way…maybe.

Images care of: By lululemon athletica [CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
By Blue-03 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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