Tricks You Can Use to See Angels

How to see angels

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If seeing is believing, then we must struggle to see in order to believe, right?

Seeing an Angel with your very own eyes is possible. Have you ever sat in a room, doing your own tasks and then suddenly you catch a glimpse of something with the corner of your eyes, only for it to disappear when you look at it directly?

If this has happened to you several times, then you have not been seeing just things.. you’ve been seeing angels.

Right now, polls suggest that 79% of individuals believe angels exist, which is a good thing.

And in fact, you don’t have to possess clairvoyant powers in order to see them in subtler ways. The experience can be real compared to just a dream. Other people have reported to seeing them in a vision, while others have experienced them in real life, angels talking to them and they respond. This clearly means that there’s a deeper connection between human beings and these spiritual beings.

How a Young Girl Saw Her Guardian Angel

A story of a young girl who lost her mother is told(it’s a real story). The young girl used to cry a lot when her mother passed on, she couldn’t figure out how she was going to live without her mother.

Then one night, her mother visited her in a dream after seeing her sobbing. She looked healthy and happy.

The young girl was still not satisfied as she needed something more tangible, not the kind of thing that would be vague and easily brushed aside as a product of her grieving mind.

After several years, her mum appeared in a vision a second time, and this experience was so real to her that she couldn’t help. Her mum told her to always follow the right path. The following morning, she felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off her chest. The vision was like nothing compared to what she had experienced before. Her mum had brought along with her some angels.

One day, she was in a busy junction where cars and heavy trucks turned left. Her mother appeared to her and told her to take the right turn. She obeyed and later, she learned that an accident involving 2 trucks and 2 cars occurred just near the left turn she was supposed to take. 3 People had died as a result. Her life had been saved by her guardian angle that her mother brought with her.

The story puts more emphasis on the fact that angles can be visible and that they play an active role in our lives. Most people also report to have seen them through their peripheral vision.

How to See Angels

Experts believe that angels can be seen when the intuitive part of the brain is engaged. The right part of the brain perceives images without judgment, hence anything that appears on the corner of your eyes will be seen just as it is.

On the other hand, the left side of the brain is more curious about images, so it will prompt you to turn so that it can make sense out of the object. Now when you look directly, the object disappears.

If you want to see angels other than when they appear in dreams or visions, they can be seen with the intuitive part of the eye or the right part of the brain. You can only observe them for what exactly they are without reasoning. So, how do you strengthen the right part of the brain so that it doesn’t chase away these images?

Use ”Magic Eye” puzzle to see angels. For instance, if you’re able to relax the left part of the brain and concentrate viewing an object with the right part, a multi-dimensional object will appear instead. What’s important is how you shift the right side of the brain in relation to the left which deciphers images. The right side will simply let the object appear without judgment. However, the left will try to label edges of the object to make sense.

Can you feel the difference?

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