Top Trends for Executive Search Firms

The industry of executive search firms is constantly evolving. Maintaining a strong image is critical for them to attract the best talent in market. When any company is hiring the executive search firms for finding the senior talent, the firms can either make the brand or create difficulties for the employer image. But what are the trends that are impacting this field? Let’s dive into them for 2018!

  • Recruiters are scared that LinkedIn would close the door for external recruiters. But the scenario was same when was launched, or even when the fax machine came along! The recruitment industry is affected by the global digitalization which is rapidly transforming! Now information is available to anyone for 24 hours. Cutting edge technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence and Big Data) are disrupting the global economy, and yes they will replace a lot of tasks that are being done by humans. But this will also make our work more productive and efficient. And this will continue! This is the high time for executive search firms to get familiar with disruptive technology.
  • Nowadays, job seekers’ behavior has changed over a few years. This is why employer branding is gaining a lot of attention lately. First and foremost, candidates will look about your company on Glassdoor, even before applying for the role, which is why it is crucial to have a robust employer branding on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to have the best talent then you must ensure that you’re an awesome employer. Treat your team like you do to your consumers! The recent developments has affected the candidate behavior. Expectations of the candidate has been changed over the years. For example, nowadays applicants prefer online testing or interviewing instead of visiting the office for the process. Faster recruitment process is also expected by the candidates now. However, this creates a challenge for the recruiters as they need to have a large pipeline.
  • The increasing rate of remote and agile workforce is becoming one of the major norms. Remote working is gaining popularity for its cost-effective and time-effective method of working. Additionally, it lessens the need for office equipment which is a win-win situation for both the employer and employees. Millennials are preferring this factor while choosing a company. According to several studies, it is been noted that people are more productive when they are working from home. Almost 66% of the workforce would prefer working from their own place or home.
  • Disengaged employees often feel stuck in their role which is why they look for departure. In 2018, the recruiters would have to deal with this by providing a strong focus on retention. This can be done via flexible hiring options, on-the-job training, learning & developments, and perks along with the compensation. The employers need to be competitive while offering compensation or benefits package to retain the best candidate for long-term. Recruiters need to realize the fact that they do play a major role in retention which is why instead of focusing on just filling the position, they must bring more in the table.


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