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I didn’t realize that I would have such positive feedback when I first wrote  about the Top 10 Animes to watch. However, a recent comment about where to find them so that people can watch them is another story. I do know that they come on TV off and on through out the day. Most times I see, they are on the YTV channel. Or, there is also a channel that is known as Adult Swim. They come on there as well. 

YTV logo (1994-2007)

YTV logo (1994-2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I, however, actually do prefer to stream any animes that I watch. Here is the Top 3 that I use for everything.

1. Crunchyroll – I know that majority of all animes are on this website, including plenty of new releases. So, I am actually free to watch what I want. Though, I get use to rewatching a lot of the same ones instead. However, if you don’t mind the advertisements, I would say to directly stream without an account. But, if you are like me and are annoyed with them, I would suggest opting in for a premium account. Not sure if it would be right for you? Leave me a comment. I can hook you up with a Guest Pass. And, I will provide you with another insider tip on why a Premium account would be ideal.

2. AnimeFreak.Tv – Of course, that website is all suppose to be in small letters. But, this is my secondary go to website. Just in case that Crunchyroll doesn’t happen to have all of the shows. Or, if your videos tend to freeze up. A lot. It has a lot of the animes that have also been licensed in it, which is always nice to fall back onto.

3. – This one is the final one that I will use to check out other animes if the other two do not have them. It is a great site to use too. I’ve used it a handful of times in a pinch for when my videos on the other two sites freeze on me.

Other Sites To Check Into (AS) – This was actually one of the first sites that I discovered actually streamed animes for free. The quality was so so on it. Still, it is almost as good as the ones above too. – Like AS, I found this one around the same time. I would actually go between AS and this one to start with, then I found out about Crunchyroll. I actually still do use this one from time to time for special series.

Veoh – To be VERY honest, I tried my hardest to only use this one in an emergency. I’m not sure if it was the quality of the videos or the fact that my computer would often act even more slowly when I had this one going. And, most of the time you couldn’t find the video you were looking for to start with. Lots of suggested ones, just not the one you’d want.

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